FightBookMMA to live stream the 5 day 2018 IMMAF European Championships – Day 5

The 2018 IMMAF Senior European Championships and the 2018 IMMAF Youth European Open Championships will be available for audiences around the world to watch live from Bucharest from 18 to 22 June, from just € 4.99.

FightBookMMA will have the live stream below for each day. The 5 days of the 2018 IMMAF European Championships, which start at 11am (GMT +3/ Romanian time) daily. Please note cost to viewers is 4.99 EUR for access all 5 days of competition, logging in at any time, and available for 72 hours after the end of competition.

Hosted by the Romanian Kempo MMA Federation, IMMAF’s two nation vs nation, elite amateur MMA tournaments will run concurrently at the Grand Rin Hotel over 5 days. The senior event features 126 competitors from 23 nations, while the inaugural junior championship puts a stake in the ground with 30 athletes from 10 countries.

Competition matches take place from Monday 18 to Friday 22 starting at 11am, with the bouts schedule* dictated by the brackets, which can followed live here at via its Event Finder.


Monday (Day 1): Juniors Quarter Finals /Seniors Preliminaries (round 32 ) estimated number of bouts = 9 (2:45hrs)

Tuesday (Day 2): Seniors Preliminaries (round 16) estimated number of bouts = 35 (8:45 hrs)

Wednesday (Day 3): Seniors Quarter Finals estimated number of bouts = 33 (8:30 hours)

Thursday (Day 4): Semi-Finals, Juniors & Seniors estimated number of bouts = 36 (8:45hrs)

Friday (Day 5): Finals & Medals Ceremony, Juniors & Seniors estimated number of bouts = 21 (8hrs)

Day 5 — June 22, 2018:


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