Fighters Thrilled About Fighting In Walk-Around Weights at BRAVE CF 45

Seef District, Bahrain – For the first time in BRAVE CF’s history, the fighters set for combat at BRAVE CF 45, were not required to go through the challenging weight cutting on the day before the fight night. The competitors who are, for years, accustomed to cutting weight before competition, are thrilled for the upcoming card as they anticipate a unique experience that comes from fighting in a weight that they are most comfortable in.

As the Kingdom of Bahrain mourned the loss of its Prime Minister, His Royal Highness Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, BRAVE Combat Federation joined in the respects paid to the great leader and postponed its November 12th event. BRAVE CF 45 was then pushed back to November 19th, and the organization worked tirelessly to keep practically the entire fight card intact, albeit with few changes.

With a keen ear, BRAVE CF listened to the concerns of the fighters and after giving consideration to their feedback, the promotion decided to rebook the fights as Catchweight bouts. This eliminated the need for another week of weight cutting for the combatants.

Colombian star Dumar Roa, who is fighting in the main event of the card at a Catchweight weighing 75kg, welcomed the move with open arms. “I am actually very happy about this. I feel very strong right now. Whenever weight cutting is involved, there is a lot of stress involved too but this time there is no stress. I feel completely relaxed. This whole week has been a beautiful experience.”

“This fight is a big opportunity for me and I am in the best shape possible to grab it.”

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Ian Entwistle, the other half of the main event, was equally thrilled about fighting at his natural weight. “I was just telling my coach today that it’s kind of nice, because usually at this point I am thinking about weight cutting but now all I need to think about is fighting.” he said.

“This is how MMA should be anyway. I don’t think there should be weight cutting at all, I think we should all just get in there and just fight.”

Originally scheduled to fight in a Bantamweight bout, Zia Mashwani will now face Nkosi Ndebele in a 72kg Catchweight bout. The change, Zia says, feels like the right one as he commended BRAVE CF for salvaging the card with a wise move. “I am feeling great, I am feeling fit. Fighting at my natural weight is really good, I am very excited for this fight.”

“Everyone does weight cutting so it’s something I follow as well but I am very happy to fight without having to cut weight. I am feeling strong and ready to go.”


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