Fights To Remember: Best Women’s UFC Fights in History

Fights To Remember: Best Women’s UFC Fights in History

9 Masks of Fire made by Microgaming celebrates the strength of the female. In this slot, women are the dominant force and we are left in awe. When you look at the world of sport, you cannot help but admire the strength, skill, and brutality that females can bring to their event. UFC might feel like a place where men should tread, but women have proven themselves more than capable of participating in fights of epic proportions throughout history. The idea that women will never fight in the UFC has long been dispelled. The likes of Ronda Rousey proving otherwise. 

Here we introduce you to some of the greatest of all time.

Rose Namajunas versus Joanna Jedrzejckyk

Namajunas came through the first fight between these two as a surprise winner. No one was more surprised than Namajunas when she knocked out her opponent. However, Jedrzejckyk was strong in her belief that this was luck more than skill and wanted to take her revenge in this strawweight title.

The next fight between these two was epic. Jedrzejckyk landed more than 50 strikes of Namajunas, demonstrating her technical prowess with her feet. However, in a bout dominated by kicking, Namajunas was always going to win out and took the title on a decision. 

Although it felt pretty even with Rose taking round one and two and Joanna coming back for rounds three and four, Namajunas landed a takedown blow with 25 seconds to go. It was this strike that gave her the unanimous decision and allowed her the first defense of her title.

Holly Holm versus Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate is one of those fighters that always seems to have something to prove. Throughout her fight career, she has been the number two fighter behind the great Ronda Rousey. The two fighters maintained an intense rivalry that set the sport of fire. She was the first fighter to ever make it out of round one with Rousey and so set herself apart as a genuine competitor.

However, Holm has shocked the world of UFC by beating Rousey in what was considered one of the greatest upsets of UFC.

In the fight with Holm, Tate found herself on the backfoot for the first part of the fight. Holm managed to dominate using clever angles and some powerful footwork. However, when it came to the grappling in the later rounds Tate was in charge. However, Tate was still behind with the judges and knew that she would need to end the contest before their influence on the decision. With a flurry of energy she got her competitor in a rear-choke hold and won with 90-seconds to go. It was a demonstration of pure grit and determination.

Amanda Nunes versus Valentina Shevchenko

The first fight was won by the Brazillian. By the time these two came to fight again, Nunes had taken out Tate and Rousey and was therefore rightly considered the best of the best. Schevchenko was therefore not fancied to upset the result from the first bout. Yet, she did present some real challenges for Nunes – stretching her cardio capabilities and really testing those defensive capabilities that can be lacking.

Nunes started this second bout slowly, which is not her usual style. She consciously decided to preserve her energy so she could maintain the aggression through the fight. While her opponent landed more strikes than Nunes, this stellar fighter managed three takedowns – two of which came in the last round and so defended her title. Strategy, strength, and resilience. 

Joanna Jedrzejckyk versus Claudia Gadelha

Making her way onto the list for the second time, Jedrzejckyk is the dominant force in this second fight with Cadelha. This was a classic confrontation helped by the genuine animosity between the two finals. The angst was not helped by a close points decision in the first bout that left Jedrzejckyk aggrieved.

The first two rounds of the battle went to Gadelha who showed her abilities when boxing and grappling. However, by the third round, Jedrzejckyk showed her competitiveness and overpowered her opponent. She won the bout with a unanimous decision.

Weili Zhang versus Joanna Jedrzejckyk 

This was called the best women’s fight in UFC history at the time – and still retains that title today. By the end of the bout, Zhang was revealed to be the one truly deserving champion but not before Jedrzejckyk tested her to the core. Jedrzejckyk is a contentious figure – with a personality that doesn’t attract much sympathy but does showcase sheet ambition, determination, and no small amount of arrogance. 

Jedrzejckyk was injured in the battle but still took Zhang all the way to a decision from the judges. This was such a great fight because it vied too and fro throughout – and Zhang did just enough to win the title with a unanimous decision.

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