“SUPERWOMEN: SHIELDS VS. DICAIRE” pay-per-view boxing event, featuring the 10-round 154-pound unification showdown between undefeated three-division and current WBC/WBO Super Welterweight World champion Claressa Shields and also unbeaten IBF Super Welterweight World Champion Marie-Eve Dicaire from the Dort Financial Center in Flint, Mich.

The historic all-women’s boxing event will be livestreamed at 9pm EST | 8pm CST | 6pm PST on FITE.TV and VIVE NETWORK and distributed by InDemand through their existing cable, satellite, and telco providers for just $29.95.


Unified WBC, WBO, IBF & WBA SUPER Junior Middleweight World Championships
Claressa Shields 153.6 lbs. vs. Marie-Eve Dicaire 152.6 lbs.

WBC Silver Heavyweight Championship
Danielle Perkins 196.8 Lbs. vs. Monika Harrison 202.8 lbs.

Jamie Mitchell 120 lbs. vs. Noemi Bosques 119.6 lbs.
Marlen Esparza 117.4 lbs. vs. Shelly Barnett 119 lbs.
Timur Kerefov 163 lbs. vs. Manny Woods 163.2 lbs.
Robert Simms 238 lbs. vs. Aaron Quintana 206.4 lbs.


Claressa Shields
The hard part is done. I had a great camp. I feel great. I was able to eat and drink all day yesterday and I’m ready to get in there and show what I could have been showing these whole 13 months.

I really prepared for this fight. I know my body looks a little different than it did before, but that just shows all the work I’ve been putting in.

This is what women need. I had to wait 13 months on the side, while other men were given a chance to fight on large platforms. If I would have kept waiting, who knows how long I would have been waiting. I love the fact that I took a risk. I bet on me and my manger and my promoter and now we’re here.

I think this I great for women’s boxing. We’ll have some numbers to work off of and build off of. I’m just happy I’m the person to be able to do it.

I hope that all my fans and all my hater all tune in to watch me be great tomorrow and help move women’s sports one more step to being equal.

Mare-Eve Dicaire
I feel great. I feel ready. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to represent my country. This is the first time in history that someone is going to fight for all four belts and for sure I will fight with all my pride.

I think everything I learned in my career and in my lifetime is going to be tested in the ring. This kind of fight will pad the way for women’s boxing. This is how we’re going to get popularity and get women’s boxing on the map.

I’m really thrilled to be part of this event and proud to be the headliner in the first all-female pay-per-view in US history.

It was a crazy year, a year of deception and everybody was living it with me. I was going to the grocery store and people were asking when are you going to fight shields? I’m here with all the support of my country and finally it’s here. That’s why I’m smiling.

SUPERWOMEN: SHIELDS VS. DICAIRE is dedicated to this year’s International Women’s Day (Monday, March 8, 2021) and presented by Salita Promotions in association with Groupe Yvon Michel.


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