Five questions with CES 49’s Pat Casey

Lincoln, R.I. (Wed, April 4, 2018)–  Pat Casey tries to improve to 2-0 at CES 49 on Friday in Lincoln, R.I. Before that, the dynamic Bellator MMA veteran spoke with FightBookMMA.

How did you find MMA in the first place?

I was always an athlete. I was mainly a football player, coming up. I was always a big fighting fan – a big boxing fan and martial arts in general. I, myself, didn’t get into MMA training until after I was done playing college football and my daughter was born. I still had a competitive drive. I have a very competitive nature. I was trying to find something I could do that would be better suited to my new schedule. An old football and wrestling coach was doing some MMA and training and helping out at their gym, so I started going and here I am. It’s only been about three and a half years that I’ve been training.

Why do you think you’ve been so successful so far?

I think it’s a combination of my natural abilities and my work ethic. Even though I got into the fight game late, I’ve always been in sports; I’ve always been very dedicated and I’ve always worked very hard. I’ve been very consistent in my work ethic and I think it’s translated well. Certain attributes, if you work your ass off, it can translate to any sport. I’ve always had a fighter’s mentality. Even before I started fighting, I thought that if I ever took up fighting, I’d be good. So, I finally decided to do it and it’s worked out so far.

What’s at stake Friday?

It’s a big fight. CES is a big promotion. My pro debut was with Bellator, which was a big win. To go 2-0 with another big promotion would be great. Every fight is extremely important to me and I take it one fight at a time. It’s just another day, just another win and I’ll move on and get another one after this.

How will 2-0 feel?

I’m sure it’ll feel as good as 1-0 but twice as good. I feel that with the work I’ve put in, I’ll definitely go out there and get the win – 100%. I’m just going to focus on going in and doing the same thing the next time out.

What’s the most likely outcome for Friday?

Anything can happen in there, it’s very unpredictable sport. I have 100% confidence that I can go in there and get the win. But it depends on the opponent. If he can take a lot of punishment and he can survive, I’m comfortable fighting the distance or it’s very likely I could finish him early. It’s going to depend on what he has.

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