FIVE-time World Champion Boxer shares Inspirational Story of Life Outside the Ring

Fighting for My Life: A Memoir about a Mother’s Loss and Grief, by five-time world champion boxer, Mia St. John. You can purchase your copy by going here.

Mia St. John has always been on top of her game. A five-time world champion boxer known as The Knockout because of her ability to level any opponent charging toward her, Mia spent two decades in the spotlight transforming her body into the ultimate fighting machine. But what most people don’t know is that outside the ring, she was battling a lifetime of demons while struggling to keep her family together.

Fighting for My Life is a memoir that will take readers through the journey of how Mia survived the loss of her beloved son Julian to suicide; followed by the tragic death of her ex-husband, award winning soap opera star, Kristoff St. John, to alcoholism; and her struggle through 30 years of sobriety.

Born as a bi-racial child to a Mexican mother who couldn’t speak English and an alcoholic, abusive father who was hardly around. Mia shares the most personal moments of her life so everyone can see life is a gift—no matter how dark it can sometimes seem. Her story will inspire anyone who has taken care of someone struggling with mental illness or suffering from the devastating loss of a loved one, all while trying to hang on for one more day.

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