Five WKN championship events in five different countries in one weekend

Following two back to back events held last Saturday (June 29) in Paola, Malta and Saint Pierre, Réunion, the leading kickboxing federation World Kickboxing Network ® (WKN) announced the five-event championship schedule for this coming weekend. The events take place in five different countries, such as Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Argentina and Germany. The WKN World and subordinate title belts are on the line. Four events are scheduled for Saturday July 6. The culmination is set for Sunday July 7.

Nicola Canu of Sardinia (Italy) and Brandon Vieira of France meet in the “European Champion vs. World Champion” five-round contest for WKN World Super Featherweight title (low kick style). The pair headlines “The Night of Super Fight 7” in Iglesias, Sardinia (large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea).

Two-time WKN European Super Featherweight champion Canu has a chance to earn WKN Gold. Vieira, newly-crowned WKN World Super Featherweight champion in oriental kickboxing aspires to become two-style world champion. If successful he will join Keith Azzopardi who has recently become the first Maltese fighter to hold world titles in two disciplines of kickboxing simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Paulo Gerson of Portugal and Matteo Costa of Italy square off in a five-round championship bout for WKN European Super Welterweight Kickboxing title. The pair headlines ShowFight 37 held in Lisbon, Portugal.

In addition, Rangel Ivanov of Bulgaria and Stefan Sipos of Slovakia meet in a three-round contest for WKN International Welterweight title under oriental rules. The bout tops the “Savages Kickboxing” event held in Shumen, Bulgaria.

In conclusion for July 6, Gaston Monroe meets his Argentinian-fellow Dylan Salazar in a three-round battle for WKN Argentinian Lightweight Kickboxing title. The pair headlines Bosch Tour 2019 “Estrellas de Acero” held in Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jan Szajko of Germany and Luca Grusovin of Italy square off in a five-round championship bout for WKN World Super Bantamweight title under oriental rules. The contest takes place in Ingolstadt, Bavaria (on July 7) marking the return of Kickboxing World Championship to Germany.
WKN event schedule (6-7 July 2019)

— Saturday, July 6 —

Iglesias, Sardinia, Italy
WKN World Super Featherweight title / Kickboxing / 5×3
Nicola Canu (Sardinia) vs. Brandon Vieira (France)

Lisbon, Portugal
WKN European Super Welterweight title / Kickboxing / 5×3
Paulo Gerson (Portugal) vs. Matteo Costa (Italy)

Shumen, Bulgaria
WKN International Welterweight title / Oriental rules / 3×3
Rangel Ivanov (Bulgaria) vs. Stefan Sipos (Slovakia)

Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina
WKN Argentinian Lightweight title / Kickboxing / 3×3
Gaston Monroe (Argentina) vs. Dylan Salazar (Argentina)

— Sunday, July 7 —

Ingolstadt, Germany
WKN World Super Bantamweight title Oriental rules / 5×3
Jan Szajko (Germany) vs. Luca Grusovin (Italy)

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