George Pieratt sat down with FightBook MMA ahead of his fight at CFC 9

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 9: The Return will take place on Saturday, March 6, 2021, at Middle Tennessee Expo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

George Pieratt is the #4 ranked featherweight in the CFC. On March 6th in Murfreesboro Tennessee he gives a rematch to Zack Lozano whom he has already beaten by spilt decision in the CFC. Pieratt looks to move up the rankings but needs another win against Lozano to make that happen.

Check out the interview he had with Roberto Villa CEO of FightBook MMA below. George talks about his rematch with Zack and his plans fighting at Lightwieght.

Roberto: George thank you for taking the time to talk with us, we know your fight training is still in full swing for your big fight at CFC 9 on March 6th! How has training been going in preparation for this fight?

Geroge: It’s going great. Training has never really stopped. A lot of hard work as always. My team prepares me to be the next champion from Harris Holt so I feel ready and prepared for anything.

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Roberto: You are fighting a very familiar opponent in Zack Lozano. You have spent 3 rounds going to-to-toe with him already. That fight ended in a split decision. Did you think the fight warranted a split decision or do you think it was more clear cut than that?

Geroge: Agh it was close. No doubt about it but I thought I did enough to get the win. I made a lot of mistakes with my weight and diet. Honestly I was weak and slow. I starved myself for 2 weeks to cut weight. No water cut. All muscle and body fat. Had no idea I even could cut water weight but I did every fight since and I’ve been a animal. Kept me undefeated for quite sometime. I lost that hunger since fighting my last CFC fight and I finally feel that hunger again. Can’t wait to unleash it March 6th.

Roberto: March 6th you are giving Lozano a rematch that he is very confident in winning. What will you have to do this time in ensure that you come out victorious again?

Geroge: Well like I said I was weak the first fight and still won. Had no grappling or wrestling and scored a takedown on him. I out struck him on the ground and on the feet. I give him more control time while on the ground but that’s it. Knowing that I beat him at my weakest gives me 10× more confidence then he has at beating me. Hes lost to guys I would’ve destroyed, easy fights. I can promise you I’m far from a easy fight.

Roberto: You are currently ranked #4 in the CFC Featherweight division. We noticed that this rematch with Lozano is at Lightweight. Are you thinking about moving up to lightweight permanently or do you want to switch from Featherweight to Lightweight depending on the match up?

Geroge: Truth is I was tired of cutting 30+ pounds. I could’ve made Featherweight again but my Coach Lance Boyd and many others believe I’d be unstoppable at Lightweight. Sharper, Faster, heavier, and most of all stronger. I was already one of the biggest Featherweights but damn do I look like a Welterweight at Lightweight (laughs). But no, I’m not permanently done with Featherweight. There’s still work to be done and titles to capture before I’m done with that division. Then I’ll be focused on the 155 stuck in the mud division (laughs).

Roberto: Your two opponents in the CFC have been Zack Lozano and Bo Williams. Can you compare them to each other and give us your thoughts on each of them?

Geroge: Well hold on I beat Martavious Mitchell in the CFC who I must say was a incredible boxer. But comparing Zack to Bo? Well honestly Zack is a better fighter, Bo is a better wrestler. Bo has very strong wrestling not really anything else. Zack has better standup. Definitely better sportsmanship after a fight. Zack is a good guy and a good fighter, Bo is JUST a good wrestler, that’s it. Everything else is weak on Bo’s part. Didn’t even break a sweat against Bo, Zack at least gave me a real fight.

Roberto: Your teammate Alexander Schenk is defending his featherweight title that same night you fight Lozano. He’s fighting the very experienced Dallas Manspile out of Virginia. Let’s say Manspile wins the title, let’s say you win the rematch against Lozano, do you want a immediate title shot at the featherweight title?

Geroge: Oh definitely. I don’t know much about Dallas but hes fighting a tough fight. All Harris Holt fighters are a tough fight though for whoever wants a piece of us. It’s a reputation we gladly hold. This team dominates the CFC. Jaime Vasquez has been this team’s only problem but it looks like some of his teammate Lavelle “Pull Out” Miller rubbed off on him since he pulled out against Adonis. If he ever comes back and If it’s not Adonis I believe one day I’ll end Jamie’s winning streak against this team and bring his belt home to Harris Holt finally a champion.

Roberto: Thanks George for talking with us today. Is there any loved ones or training partners that you would like to thank before we go?

Geroge: Just like to thank my mom and dad for the love and support. My Sensei Lance Boyd for always being by my side and turning me into such a great fighter. Featherweight Champion Alexander Schenk for always pushing me to my limits and helping to improve me as a fighter. Jacob Kilburn for all his professional wisdom in this game and also helping me improve as a fighter, hes really showed me some great tricks from American Top Team to use in all my upcoming fights, thank you brother. And my girl Sabrina Bryant for putting up with me and fighting for so long lol. Thanks everyone love you guys and I’ll see you all at the fights!


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