Germany’s Grabinski Eager To Prove Europe Is Superior To Brazil In MMA At BRAVE CF 51

Dusseldorf, Germany – A month after his promotional debut, Germany’s Marcel Grabinski started gearing up for his second BRAVE CF fight, a chance to face the former Lightweight World Champion Lucas “Mineiro” Martins, a decorated Brazilian mixed martial arts veteran who was part of an earlier generation of BRAVE CF fighters, as the main event of BRAVE CF 51: The Future Is Here on June 4th.

Grabinksi is aiming to establish himself as top contender by defeating a former division champion and placed huge importance on the results of this fight. However, the fight is just as important to Martins, who has been looking for a way back into the Lightweight title conversation after being inactive for two years after coming out of two losses. The stakes are high for Martins, as a loss against newcomer Grabinski would be devastating.

“I am a fighter with heart, I don’t only love fighting but everything that is around it,” says Grabinski. “It is my passion. I don’t see anything by chance everywhere and prepare very well for every fight. For me there is nothing worse than to lose because of not properly preparing for the fight.”

Leading up to the fight, Grabinksi went on multiple interviews to remind Martins that this may be his last chance at redemption and could be a final blow to his career.

“Lucas comes from two losses and his last fight was 2 years ago,” says Grabinski. “I know it’s hard to come from a loss and especially from two. It will be even harder for him since he doesn’t know fighters like me, it will be very hard for him, it will be his third loss.”

Grabinski even continued to declare the fight the proving ground for European and Brazilian fighters, highlighting the misfortune of Brazilian fighters lately at BRAVE CF by noting the recent loss of Luan Santiago to France’s Benoit St. Denis and Leonardo Mafra’s loss to the Russian Eldar Eldarov.

“It is not just Europe against Brazil, it is Europe against the world,” says Grabinski. “The best fighters of the world are from Europe right now. European fighters are better than the Brazilian fighters and of the rest of the world. It’s Europe against Brazil and Europe will win.”

Grabinski’s eagerness to make this life changing and loud statement about fighters from Europe will be stopped by nothing as he is making dedicated to putting on a spectacular show at BRAVE CF 51: The Future Is Here in association with Rukh Sport Management at the Falcon Club in Minsk, Belarus on June 4th. The two are meeting in a Lightweight bout many are predicting have top contender implications.


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