Golden Gloves Semifinals Results Day 5

Tulsa, Oklahoma: FightBook MMA has your results for the Golden Gloves Day 5. Our correspondents, Arlow Jumper and Marty Jumper all contributed to keeping up with the action. Stay tuned to FightBook MMA as we will have Day 6 results.

Tulsa along with the Engine room are helping boxing make a comeback in Oklahoma. This week Tulsa has been the home to the best amateur boxers across the nation as they battle it out in the National Golden Gloves Tournament to see who is the nation’s best amateur boxer. Oklahoma has had its list of National Champions throughout the years, 1943 – Earl O’Neal – Oklahoma City 1943 – Barry Darby – Oklahoma City, 1945 – Virgil Franklin – Oklahoma City 1948 – Alvin Williams, – Oklahoma City, 1949 – Jack McCann – Oklahoma City 1953 & 1955 – Richard Wall – Oklahoma City 1956 – Leroy Jeffrey – Tulsa 2006: Eric Fields – Ardmore, Oklahoma. 2017 – Aaron Morales – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and 2002 most notably Mr. Funky Tight himself, Big Brotha Thunda the pride of Tulsa Allan Sweetness Green – Tulsa, Oklahoma. Looking to add her name to this prestige list The Engines Room and Tulsa Native Neida Ibbarra.

This night we saw who received the bronze medal and who moves onto the finals. Some dreams will continue while others will be left in the ring.

Golden Gloves Semifinals Results Day 5:

Golden Gloves Ring 1 Results:

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1.) Ricky Menchaca – Omaha vs Amos Thang – Indiana
Menchaca takes the win. His speed, power, and footwork were too much got Thang to handle.

2.) Jasmine Hampton – Detroit vs Lina Vezzani – Kitano – New York Metro
The boxer outpoints the puncher as Hampton moves on to the finals taking decision victory over Vezzanni

3.) Connor Goade – Nevada vs Figo Ramirez – Texas
Ramirez was too slick and had too much power with movement. Goade stayed in the fight with grit but it wasn’t enough losing to Ramirez by decision and moves on to the finals.

4.) Hainite Tuitupou – Michigan vs Alyssia Lopez vs Cleveland
Tuitupou pressure was and consistency was too much for Lopez to overcome.

5.) Olivia Blechschmidt – Florida vs Kate Zehr – New England
An all-out slugfest that could have gone either way Zehr takes the win by decision and moves on to the finals.

6.) Keith Colon – New York Metro vs Javier Zamarron – Wisconsin
Zamarron takes the win by decision. Grit won this fight Zamarron takes determination out past the slick New Yorker Colon.

7.)Carmona Monseret – Washington DC vs Neida Ibbarra – Kansas/Oklahoma
In what in my opinion is the fight of the night that could have gone either way. Ibbarra showed up and showed out again and took over once she realized her right hand landed at will was the turning point of the fight. Ibbarra takes the victory by decision and moves one step closer to making her dream come true.

8.) Jorge Carlos – Kansas City vs Angel Hernandez – Florida
Some of the hardest shots of the night were delivered by both fighters. This was a war from start to finish. But Hernandez takes home the win.

9.) Kenisha Johnson – Mid South vs Hailey Pennington – Tri State
Pennington comes up big, Johnsons appeared to run out of gas in the final Round which is what may have hurt her for the decision. Pennington moves on to the finals.

10.) Morgan Ferrell – Kansas City vs Crashona Wynn – Cleveland
Ferrell’s timing and precision punching was the decision-maker. Ferrell takes home the win and moves on to the finals.

11.) Steve Cunningham vs Carlos Hernandez, winner Carlos Henrnandez by decision. Carlos Hernandez landed the harder punches & survived the quick feet of his opponent.

12.) Jocelyn Shade vs Destiny Cameron, winner Jocelyn Shade by referee stoppage. Jocelyn Shade landed hard clean punches for the entire 2 rounds the fight lasted.

13.) Obed Bartee-El vs David Fecteau, winner Obed Bartee-El by decision. Obed Bartee-El outfought his very game opponent. It was an extremely active & hard-fought bout, but Obed Bartee-El survived to become the victor.

14.) Isaiah Elrod vs Daniel Blancas, winner Daniel Blancas by decision. Daniel Blancas withstood his opponent’s relentless attack by countering with strong punches. An extremely close fight that was won by Daniel Blancas.

15.) Saundre Simmons vs Adrian Preito, winner Saundre Simmons by decision. Saundre Simmons landed the cleaner shots & outworked his opponent. Saundre Simmons fought his way to a clear victory.

16.) Skylar Lacy vs Kashaun Davis, winner Skylar Lacy by decision. Skylar Lacy outlasted his opponent to edge out a victory. Skylar Lacy used a decent jab to keep his opponent off-balance for the duration of the fight.


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