Grabinski explains last-minute withdrawal at BRAVE CF 51; Lucas Martins demands a do-over

Minsk, Belarus – Marcel Grabinski’s withdrawal minutes before the main event of the evening for BRAVE CF 51 took everyone by surprise. Initially reported as a “infection in his stomach”, the illness that affected the fighter was better described by himself, on his first public comment after the unexpected series of events.

 “I apologize to Lucas Mineiro, his team, and, especially, the fans, who really wanted to see this fight”, Grabinski wrote on his Instagram. “I gave everything I had, I fought to make the fight happen. I was more than ready to fight leading-up to the fight but on the fight day I started having diarrhea and vomiting”.

“I was tired and weak, so the doctor came to see me around 2 PM and prescribed me some medication, which made me feel a little bit better and think that I’d be able to compete, even though I wasn’t 100%”, he continued. “But when we got to the arena, it got worse than before. The doctors then said that I wouldn’t be able to fight. I’m devastated but I hope we can make this fight again soon”.

Marcel’s words found a very frustrated Lucas “Mineiro” Martins, who used his social media to share his thoughts on the unfortunate situation and express his interest to run it against Grabinski as soon as possible.

Despite wishing a speedy recovery to his opponent, the Brazilian took the opportunity to reinforce that their beef is far from being squashed.

“Grabinski, I hope you get well soon because I’ll be here waiting”, Mineiro wrote on his Instagram. “You said bad things about my country, about Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I’ll get you for this! I’ll make you pay. Respect our history!”.


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