Greg Cohen Promotions signs DaCarree “MacTruck” Scott

Greg Cohen Promotions proudly announces the signing of promising 22-year-old heavyweight puncher DaCarree “MacTruck” Scott to a long-term promotional contract.

Born in Denver and raised in Decatur, Georgia, Scott (4-0, 4 KOs) is already generating buzz as the subject of a viral sparring video, featured on ESPN Ringside, that showcases his impressive hand speed and destructive power.

Standing a squat 5’ 10”, but weighing over 250 pounds, Scott has become a master of taking on bigger and older opponents because his naturally husky frame always made it difficult to find foes that matched his age and weight. “I’ve always sparred grown men and professionals,” said Scott, “one day I was sparring a pro. I probably had four amateur fights at the time, and I dropped him and ran him out of the ring. My trainer said, ‘man you run people over like a Mack Truck!’”

Scott had a successful 35-fight amateur career that saw him take silver at the US Nationals and compete in the 2019 Olympic Qualifiers. However, realizing his heavy-fisted style would be better suited in the hurt-for-pay business, he turned professional in early 2020 and has already registered four quick-knockout victories.

Working hard at Champs Boxing and Fitness in Smyrna, Georgia with trainer Pete Crumpley, Scott has matured into an old-school technician in the James Toney realm with subtle but effective defense, superb hand speed, a penchant for attacking the body, pulverizing power and a crowd-pleasing flare for showmanship.

“When I get in the ring, you can expect flash and style,” Scott continued. “Everybody is begging for a new Mike Tyson – a short heavyweight who can dominate. I believe I can do that. I’m unique. I will bring some excitement to the heavyweight division. I’m not just some wild puncher; I have the skills and speed of a middleweight.”

Scott says signing with GCP is the first of many milestones on his journey to winning the heavyweight championship. “Greg has real experience in building heavyweights,” he said. “Talking to Greg made me feel very comfortable. He told me what he can do for me and I believe him. I’ll be fighting better competition to show all my skills. I need about three more years of developing and getting experience, but I’m here to stay. I’m not just an internet sensation. I want to be champion.”

“Mac is the kind of fighter people love,” said Greg Cohen. “He’s a shorter heavyweight with a big punch that can flatten men twice his size. He’s got a great personality and an entertaining style. The fans in Georgia already love him. We’re just going to show the rest of the world what they already know.”


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