GRIND – India’s only pro-grappling tournament

GRIND – the first invitation-only professional grappling (No-Gi) tournament in India is ready to bring its third event this month. The promotion is new in India and held their first event in 2017. The second edition saw some of the best teams from India take part. The India based pro-grappling promotion will host GRIND 3, on July 27 and July 28, at Sportsjam in Kolkata, India.

GRIND 3 will feature a few international teams from Malaysia, Egypt, Japan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines along with the best grappling teams from India. Grappling is a niche sport in India and the promotion looks to introduce the sport to a wider audience, providing them the opportunity of watching some of the best Indian and international athletes.

Chief convener and the owner of GRIND – Shiba Pradhan is hopeful to make the sport popular in India, after having created GRIND to give the athletes in India a platform to highlight their skills.

“Grappling just like any form of combat sports is a pure competition between two participants. The pure competitive drive to defeat another person. We promise to deliver a new product and a new form of entertainment for sports fans.”

GRIND is also ready to sign famed Indian wrestler – Virender Singh as its brand ambassador. Virender Singh is an Indian freestyle wrestler from the state of Haryana and is regarded as one of India’s most accomplished deaf athletes. Competing in the 74 kg weight division, he has won three Deaflympics gold medals and a bronze medal. The promotion aims to involve him in seminars and workshops in the future for athlete skill development.

Co-owner and CEO of GRIND – Subhoroop Ghosh has said, “Drawing inspiration from some of the most prestigious grappling competitions and promotions worldwide, we have started GRIND. We believe in preserving sporting excellence, discipline, dedication and athlete development. We are working hard to make grappling a mainstream sport in India today.”