Guide to Betting on Boxing Matches

Photo Credit: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

When it comes to betting online especially in Boxing there are plenty of guides out there telling you who and what to bet. One can easily become overwhelmed and waste time on the wrong information given to you with all the information you are reading online. Below you will find some quick and easy tips to help you make better picks when betting on Boxing events or fighters.

You should understand the stylistic matchups. All fighters are not created equally, and all fighters don’t fight the same way and they each have a unique style of fighting. There’s one thing one should consider is understanding how the fighter(s) you are betting on like to fight. Let’s say if a fighter is a power puncher and seems to struggle against fighters with speed and quickness, well you guessed it, don’t bet on them. Another point to factor in is if the fighter is a counter puncher who struggles against another counter puncher then this is a perfect example on a fight not to place a bet on. Take your time to understand each individual fighter and focus on their style and their opponent’s style.

You should look for fighters who are training with the best of the best because they are only going to be getting better during their sparring and during their fight camps. For example Fury vs Wilder 3, Fury changed his fight camp and trained with Emmanuel Stewarts’ nephew Sugar Hill Stewart at Detroit based Gym Kronk. You can see a huge difference from his previous bout and this last fight. Another point to consider is if someone is training with all orthodox boxers and has a fight against a southpaw well that’s not a great choice.

You should follow fighter Camp Notes, which you can find here on Surprisingly a lot of people will overlook this, fight camps will release news and update you on the progress of the fighters throughout their camps. Rumors will also circulate from other boxers that train in the same gym. We can’t emphasize this enough and but pay attention to this information. If a rumor comes out about something and it’s true, that could be the golden ticket for you especially if the fighter is struggling during their training or injured himself. If you dont trust or have verified leaked information from an insider, some fight camps might leak false information to get inside the head of their opponents.

Let’s do a quick rundown on how Boxing Moneylines are used. Each fighter will have a Moneyline listed next to his name.

Canelo odds: -450 ($450 wins $100)
Jacobs odds: +350 ($100 wins $350)

When you bet an over/under in boxing, you are betting on how many rounds will take place.

Over 9.5 Rounds: +110 ($100 to win $110)
Under 9.5 Rounds: -130 ($130 to win $100)

To cash the over you need the fight to pass the 1:30 mark in Round 9. To cash the under you need the fight to end before the 1:30 mark in Round 9.

There are other ways to bet on the fights which include Method of Victory: KO, TKO, DQ vs. Decision, Time of Victory Round 1, Round 2, etc. or Will the Fight Go the Distance. In boxing one number is key to look at and that the number of losses a fighter has. If you see an “O” in the loss column that makes the fighter more marketable but some casual bettors will bet on that fighter to win. You should remember what was stated earlier in the article when you’re comparing two fighters side by side the record really doesn’t mean much.

Using the tips and advice we provided will allow you to be more profitable when placing your bets. Winning money, while they are going on, makes it that much better too watch. With all this being said, click here to discover more about the online casino world.

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