Training only 2 years Iowan fighter Helen Peralta has won her pro debut vs Jade Riply, for INVICTA 27 Jan 13th, 2018 in California. Her fighting career which started from a casual UFC conversation, has now reached a huge level.

Gaining 3 respectable MMA Ammy belts in 2017, Peralta maintaining her momentum, possibly even gaining more, Peralta making quick work of Ripley, in a very convincing 1st rd TKO at INVICTA 27. The fight stayed standing while the ref stopped the bout after Peralta unloaded a flurry of punches, in a fight, Peralta appeared unchallenged, in a bout that lasted only a couple minutes.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Peralta moved to the USA as a Teen, and now resides in Fairfield, Iowa. She trains at Grace Place in Ottumwa, Iowa, and Ground Zero in Fairfield, Iowa. Peralta stated she was planning to do her training camps in Florida, for 4-6 weeks where she can train with her head coach, at the Orlando Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. OBJJ is part of ALLIANCE. ALLIANCE is a 11x World Champion in JJ. Peralta became the P4P best Ameteur female fighter in the Midwest Division within her 1st year of competitive fighting. 2 years later now, she has won her Pro debut in major MMA Promotion, with a major performance. Now, 1-0 Peralta explained to me her expectation/will to be on the next INVICTA card, but had no word yet, at the time of this interview.

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Previous to becoming a high level Pro fighter the “ Iansa” was a culinary arts Chef full-time, combined with being a Culinary Arts instructor, she now only teaches one day per month. For the purpose of financing higher level training, Helen has leads a cardio/kickboxing class targeting towards mostly fitness, Peralta recommends for the more competitive/combat minded person/fighter she can definitely point you in the right direction, as well. She mentioned some have reported a reduction in depression and anxiety resulting from her classes. For class info/schedule text Helen Peralto-641 954 6210.

Signing a 4 fight deal with INVICTA recently, Peralta, recently parted ways with her manager, now, has some time to shop around, she felt, and sounded not to be in any rush, to fill that void, right away. She implied she wanted to apply more attention/detail this time around, in choosing, her next manager. When Peralta was asked what her best moments of 2017 were, she replied “meeting coach Sergio Cunha, then moving to strawweight, then picking up 2 more Ameteur MMA belts, to close out 2017, totalling 3 for the year. Stating in the Urban Plains, Peralta goes on “ to be the best, you have to beat the best. I don’t want an easy fight. Anyone on that list is there because I admire them, and because I wanna punch them in the face.”

Photo Credit: LJ Combat Photography

Summer 2017 Helen defeated Team USA kickboxing team member which led to her eventual Team USA team involvement, representing Team USA September 2017 in USA vs Canada Kickboxing Event.

When asked how where her fighting confidence originated, that led her to such self belief, before ever even training, or competing, Peralta ( I sensed a grin) informed me that she gained some street fighting experience as a result of her environment first in the Dominican Republic, then after, when she then lived in Harlem. She also seen holes in top-level fighters bouts that she believed her understanding of how to use patience, then the application of that understanding, would give her an edge against the best in the World. So, far she has been proving her predictions right. Now in Iowa, Helen mentions in the future she wants to travel around to gain more and different training partners, gyms, experiences by adding more traveling, as she loves traveling, but to be exposed to more diverse training environments as well, if I understood her correctly. Peralta has won 9 out of her last 10 MMA bouts alone and is only her 2nd year. Peralta is definitely one to pay attention to, and she creates more great things to come.

INVICTA 28 will be in SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH March 24, 2018 at the UNION EVENT CENTER. Look for Peralta to possibly make her INVICTA return, and most likely in exciting fashion. U can find Peralta at Helen “ Iansa” Peralta (@ Facebook Fan Page, Instagram.

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