Henry Cejudo’s potential star power

Over the past several years, former two-time division champion, Henry Cejudo, has made a mark for himself in professional fighting. Specifically speaking, he’s gone on to become one of the most decorated athletes to step foot inside the octagon. As someone with an Olympic background, as he’s an Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling, Cejudo took such abilities from his wrestling days which attributed greatly towards his success in professional fighting.

Alongside his charismatic personality, Cejudo has earned his mark of becoming a memorable champion that people will look back on how good he was. However, while Cejudo is technically retired from active competition, it’s been speculated that he may return for a big-time PPV fight. One of the best examples of such ongoing speculation is all the talk of him potentially fighting UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanoviski.

Though nothing confirmed at the time, it seems Cejudo is taking the “special attraction” route. Specifically, he may come back for a series of fights periodically for big-time matches. Similar to Nate Diaz regarding the latter part of his career. In a sense where he’d fight fewer matches, yet those matches were considered an attraction.

From the bouts he had with Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal, Diaz continues to be massively popular with UFC fans. It’s also worth noting Diaz has a proven record of being a business draw for the UFC. During his two fights with McGregor and the BMF title fight with Masvidal, business records got broken in the process. And despite Diaz being less active than before, UFC fans still hold interest in him whether or not he competes. The question is, on to Cejudo, can he be the same business draw like Diaz or any other UFC fighter who drew in the past.

Cejudo is an interesting character, something that many people have become fond of over his stint in the UFC. After all, he is nicknamed “Triple C.” However, UFC fans and critics alike are aware of the talent he possesses.

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Though he’s been retired for almost two years since his latest Championship win, one might think Cejudo still can win back the championship he vacated. It’s also worth noting if Cejudo continued fighting, one could argue that he could’ve been a potential PPV draw for the UFC. Imagine Cejudo coming back for a championship fight against Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanoviski. Now imagine Cejudo beating and becoming champion once again. With his talent and charisma, Cejudo has the potential to become a megastar than he already is. A big star, in a sense where he could be a massive player when it comes to box-office appeal.


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