Hilarie Rose eyes 3rd straight finish at CES 55 on Friday in Connecticut

Before Hilarie Rose goes for her third straight stoppage victory Friday at CES 55 in Hartford, CT, LIVE on UFC Fight Pass, the fast-rising New England prospect spoke with FightBook MMA.

How has your training camp bee going for this fight?

It’s gone great; it’s actually probably the best camp that I’ve ever had. I’m feeling really good, my weight is on schedule, and we’re just cruising into fight night now.

What makes a great training camp for you?

For me, the biggest thing is my mental game. I’m very athletic, I know how to strike and grapple; the biggest thing is being confident in my own skills and going out there every day and implementing what I’ve been working on.

How hungry are you to fight again?

Very hungry! I wanted to fight in November but I couldn’t because my opponent was injured and I wanted to fight in January but I was in Jamaica for a wedding, so I’m really, really looking forward to this.

Has it been frustrating being out of the cage for so long?

Definitely, yes. But it gives me the time to focus on my training and sharpen my skills for when I do get back in there.

Do you have a lot of supporters making the trip to Connecticut?

I do! I’ve definitely got a crowd coming to support me, which is great. It’s actually not that far of a ride. I’m lucky to have such a great support system.

Are you hoping for another early finish, or are you looking to get in some more cage time with this fight?

I’m definitely aiming for an early finish, in the first or second round. I’m envisioning it every single day, and I can’t wait.

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