The “The Moroccan Maniac” will fight Undefeated Ben Acosta on GLORY fight card August 10th in Denver, Colorado. This card will take place at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfeild, Colorado. You can buy your tickets at the door or at axs.com, and steelcity.com. Prices are $45 and up, show starts at 5:30 p.m. MT.

Houssam “The Moroccan Maniac” El kasri has a great personality and an excellent coach. He’s been a black belt since age 14 and eventually moving to the U.S. shortly after. Since, he has only suffered a single loss (decision) in kickboxing. A former Sparta Combat League, and Kick Down, Ammy Champion at the time he made his pro debut. Previously Vern Earwood was Houssam’s long time coach. Earwood eventually went on to take a VP position with Primal Fight League roughly a year ago, and committed fully to that position, by selling his gym.

Houssams cornermen for this bout will be coaches Thomas Denny, Matt Sims, and Daymar Ortiz of Zingano’s Muay Thai/Brighton. Originally, Denny had submitted El Kasri’s name to Glory as a last minute replacement, should an injury occur. Soon Denny got the call, and Houssam accepted. But not before the original replacement opponent, pulled out. Next Houssam took the fight. Then Houssams opponent pulled out, with a replacement being added to fight Houssam. That replacement then pulled out, totalling 3, leaving Acosta to fight Houssam.

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It was surprising, when Houssam explained to FightBookMMA the chaos involved with this bout. At the time FightBookMMA spoke with El Karsi he mentioned that he was only 3 lbs off weight which was right on schedule for todays weigh ins.

Formerly with 5 star management in his ammy career, El Kasri has relied on coach Denny, to line up his fights, since. If El Kasri wins this fight, he will get an exclusive contract offer from Glory, as a result.

When FightBookMMA inquired further, to the details of said contract, El Kasri, not overly concerned about the details, went on to say.

El kasri:

“I don’t want to make the same mistake I did las time.”

Reffering to thinking to far ahead of fights, and his last kickboxing bout, also first kickboxing, decision loss since moving to America, in a fight for which he might have been blinded by his confidence in his power, in a fight which he continuosly threw heavy shots, in an effort to KO his opponent by repeatedly loading up with bombs, that ended up being ineffective vs. a very solid technical striker with good defense, who won by simply out pointing El Kari, but never hurting him.

El kasri:

“The way Denny explained it, I win, I get the contract. I’m really not focused on it (contract), as I am winning the fight.”

FightBook MMA:

“Do you know anything about Acosta, are you familiar with him at all, and do you have a prediction?

El kasri:

“He looks like a nice guy (chuckles, with sarcasm). He has good kicks, and good punches. He looks like a tough kid, but he doesn’t have my heart. I’m gonna put it on him, I just need to finish him by the 2nd round.”

Houssam asked to give a shout out to his sponsors:

Bleeding Edge
Zingano Muay Thai
Bee Nails
Athlete’s Hope
Denver Chiropractic
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Team Wildman

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