How Can Cannabis Strain Help Athletes to Boost Their Performance

The effect of cannabis on athletes differs, but they all serve to enhance their performance. Series of scientific studies have delved into the health benefits that athletes can derive from consuming cannabis. Athletes in different fields seeking a boost in their careers can enjoy various benefits from cannabis use.

Many athletic sports stretch the performer. They subject their body to immense and intense conditions, which often result in pain and other anomalies. As a result, they need a tested substance to support their system and reduce the side effects of their field performance.

Cannabis strain comes with various properties like anti-inflammatory, which serves as a protection to the body and helps trigger the release of endorphins. It can supply athletes with the boost they need to outperform themselves and give more than their best on the field.

This article will explore various ways in which athletes can derive benefit from a cannabis strain.

1.   Focus and Concentration

One of the benefits of cannabis is putting users in tune with their bodies after consumption. After using cannabis, it creates a stronger mind-body connection. As a result, an athlete can easily detect the exact muscles they need to contract or expand for a specific exercise.

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All athletes know the importance of a mind-body connection while on the field. The stronger the connection between their mind and body, the greater their performance. Cannabis fuels this connection, making them mindful and aware of their body. As a result, optimum focus on the task will not be an issue.

2.   Can Increase or Decrease Appetite

One of the effects of cannabis is giving the munches – an increase in appetite. There is a specific cannabis strain that reduces hunger by triggering the brain neuron, which signals to your body that you are full.

THC, the psychoactive part of cannabis, also suppresses the production of leptin – the hormone that keeps your appetite in check. This makes cannabis the perfect substance to complement your weightlifting effort. In the same way, some cannabis strains can bring down your appetite. This is true of strains with a higher CBD ratio, as they can suppress your desire for food. With this, you can stay lean and avoid excess fat.

3.   Treatment of Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasm is another area where an athlete can benefit from cannabis use. Cannabis has proven incredibly helpful in treating muscle spasm that sets the stage for illnesses like Parkinson’s and Multiple sclerosis. Athletes who suffer from spasms can find cannabis extremely beneficial.

According to a study, cannabis is extremely rich in inflammatory-fighting properties. As a result, it can be highly beneficial to reduce muscle spasms and their recovery. Some cannabis strains can also relax the body by triggering the GABA-A receptors. This process induces a mechanism that calms the body. Low GABA-A level sets induce muscle soreness and pain.

There is also an enhanced supply of endocannabinoids which relax the muscle and suppress muscle spasticity.

4.   Can Improve Sleep

Optimum sleep is primal to productivity for athletes as well. However, most athletes can hardly boast of deep sleep due to the excessive stress they subject their bodies to. Interestingly, Cannabis has proven incredibly helpful in inducing relaxation in users, making it possible for them to sleep soundly.

For instance, ghost train haze cannabis strain helps users relax, fight stress and depression, setting the stage for deep and restful sleep. Based on research, cannabis can also bring down cortisol levels, helping users enjoy deep and optimum sleep.

Optimum sleep is essential for muscle recovery, which CBD helps with. The “high” feeling from cannabis does not make one tired during the day, which will not interfere with performance.

5.   Pain Management and Inflammation Fighting Properties

Cannabis can help take care of various forms of pain that athletes encounter on the field. This can be traced to the potent anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. Inflammation is a two-edged sword in humans. It is nature’s way of inducing healing and repairs in the body. However, it often gets out of hand, leading to chronic inflammation, which causes excessive pain, weight issues, and other illnesses.

Excess inflammation makes recovery slow and hard in athletes. When it gets out of hand, the joint and muscles take a severe hit, impairs performance. As a result, many athletes need a practical and holistic solution with a slight tendency for side effects. The potent anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis make it a terrific choice to combat body pain. Based on this study, cannabis works by triggering apoptosis and reduction of cell proliferation. As a result, cannabis can reduce inflammation and excessive pain in athletes.

6.   Cannabis can reduce Oxidative Stress.

Humans and athletes need antioxidants, but oxidative stress is not good. Generally, the body needs an optimum supply of glutathione, a specific type of antioxidant.

Based on studies, cannabis intake can improve the body’s glutathione level. This reduces oxidative stress in ways vitamin C cannot. An optimal oxidation level in the body rewards athletes with benefits like a better immune system, optimum cellular recycling, etc. Insulin sensitivity also increases, improving the rate athletes process carbs.


Cannabis will not provide athletes with an unfair advantage like many performance-enhancing drugs. It can, however, supply the boost they need to perform at their best while on the field. Athletes get a series of benefits that can make a remarkable difference and give them an upgrade in their careers.

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