How Do Good Backlinks Help in Ranking of Website?

If you own a website or have ever searched on SEO, you must have heard of the term backlinking. It plays a significant role in website development and drastically impacts your SEO ranking.

But what it is and how quality backlinking helps in the ranking of websites is worth knowing. In this post, you will understand the several aspects of backlinking and how it helps your webpage to stand out.

What are Backlinks?

While surfing the internet, you must have come across blue texts. Well, that is backlinking a website. When you click on it, they take you to a different site. It benefits both parties.

All web browsers work in particular algorithms. Most search engines have similar algorithms except for some differences. Since the most common search engine is Google, having a good rank will help you grow.

Good Backlinks and SEO Ranking

Everyone knows that good backing helps your website to grow at an impeccable rate. However, the question is how? How could someone else mentioning your link could benefit you? Well, here are some of the reasons.

Number of Domains

Web browsers keep a close eye on the number of domains that mention a particular site. If many sites mention you in their content, it gives Google a sign that you are a credible source. It is one of the most significant factors Google considers while Link Building For eCommerce Websites.

Thus, having more backlinks means the algorithm of Google is going to place you in top positions in their SEO ranking.

Age Matters too

Yes, not only the number of domains but their age matters too. For example, if a recent site mentions you, google will consider your credibility but not as much as it will if a site active for years mentions you.

A backlink from an old domain confirms that people could rely on you. Thus, the algorithm brings you to one of the top positions.

Class-C IP’s and Ranking

By now, you know that backlinks show your site’s credibility. However, a backlink from class-C IP gives the google algorithm a sign that your site is highly reliable and reputable.

When this happens, that algorithm automatically puts your website ranking above most of your competitor’s sites.


Backlink Anchor Texts

Anchor text is the particular text on which a particular site links your site. The anchor text hints about the contents of your site. If your target keyword is present in the anchor text, it might help you get a good SEO point. To understand this, consider this example.

For instance, if a site backlinks you on a text ”here is a study on backlinks”. The algorithm of google recognizes that your site is about backlinks and also has statistics in it. It will impact your website ranking significantly.

Popularity of Domain

It is an obvious thing. Consider, you sent your resume to two companies. The entire resume is the same for both except for the reference part. Now, in the first company, you have referenced a known figure in the corporate world. On the other resume, you have given reference to a not-so-known personality. Where is a higher possibility to get hired?

Of course, the first one. Similarly, if an authority site already in the good books of Google’sGoogle’s algorithm backlinks your site, it will increase your website’s ranking. Besides, there are some top resources for every topic, known as hubs; if one of the backlinks your page, your ranking will get affected positively.

The location of the link

Yes, this might surprise you, but the location at which your link is on a particular site also affects its ranking. The link in the sidebar or footer holds a lower value than the link within the page’s content.

Also, if a page backlinks two links in the content but keeps one link above the other, the above link has more value. Although backlink always helps, an optimal location can also affect the ranking.

Quality of the Content

The quality of the site and content matters. Google has specific parameters according to which it decides the quality of the content. For instance, an article with 500 or more words is better than an article with 300 words.

So, if a site with quality content and more words backlinks you, your ranking would go up.

So, these are some ways quality backlinking gives you a good rank. Now the question is, does backlinking only have one purpose, to increase SEO ranking? Well, it is a vital one but not the only objective of backlinks. The following section deals with some of its other benefits.


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