How Is Coronavirus Affecting Upcoming Wrestling Competitions?

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The threat of the novel coronavirus is growing alarmingly as more and more business sectors start feeling the outcome. Not only airlines and tourist facilities are feeling the weight of the fear generated by the virus. Even the sports industry has started to register the first signs of what could be a significant slowdown as wrestling competitions have been canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Stardom’s Promotion Cancelations

Many wrestling fans have had to resign themselves to the fact that Japanese Stardom has announced it will cancel several of this month’s events because of the deadly virus. While many might argue that the panic generated by the coronavirus far exceeds the potential risk it poses to the population, there is no going back on Stardom’s decision.

The official announcement was given last month when Stardom announced that it would have to cancel a series of events due to the rising numbers of coronavirus infections. As you already know by now, the chances of getting infected are higher in crowded places, therefore, sporting events and other public gatherings have been canceled worldwide as authorities are trying to limit the spread of the virus.

Stardom’s decision was fueled by the context in which the virus spread in Japan. This country is currently being scrutinized by international authorities for how it is managing the spread of the virus. In a context that sees this country under a lot of pressure as international concerns grow higher due to how Japan managed the infected cruise ship, the Diamond Princess, the cancelation comes as no surprise.

The shows that should have taken place on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of March in Gunma and Shinkiba, respectively, have been canceled and the people who purchased tickets to attend the live events will be able to get a full refund.

Furthermore, Stardom’s promotion event scheduled on the 8th of March at Korakuen Hall had to adapt to the circumstances and banned fans from attending. The event which was organized in an empty arena was however streamed live on Stardom’s YouTube channel to the delight of fans worldwide who were looking forward to seeing the competition unravel. The show could be streamed for free.

The Osaka Day and Night Show which should have taken place on the 14th of March also joined the list of canceled events.

Doubts Concerning the WWE Wrestling Mania 36 Week

Another much anticipated moment in the world of wrestling is WWE’s WrestleMania 36 week. At the moment, the organizers maintain that they will stick to the official schedule which should see the event taking place next month on the 5th of April. The venue of this acclaimed annual event is the Raymond James Stadium located in Tampa, Florida.

Among fans, fear that this event will also get canceled is continuously rising as multiple cases of Coronavirus infection have already been reported in Tampa. There are serious doubts about whether allowing people to attend the event in presumably large numbers will be possible.

In an official statement, WWE confirmed that they are doing a thorough and continuous job in monitoring the evolution of the outbreak in Tampa, relying on the authorities’ support. They also highlighted that their main concern is the wellbeing of their performers, staff, and fans. You should check regularly to see if there are any updates on this in case you plan on attending the 36th WrestleMania week.

With so many events canceled, not only in the wrestling field but in sports, in general, it seems we’re about to have some time on our hands to devote to other activities, ideally indoors. If we’re trying to find the silver lining in all this, at least you’ll have time to fix things around the house and for this, you might want to check out the tools on


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