How to Attract More Clients to Your Gym

The busiest time of year for gyms is in January. There is always a big boom in memberships as the New Year resolutions to get fit start rolling in. How can you start attracting new clients with that same momentum year-round? There are many ways that you can promote your gym in your community without negatively over saturating the market with your name. Here are a few ways to think outside of the box and attract more clients to your gym.

Market to Different Demographics

Remember that health and fitness are not important only to one generation. As you strategize to form your inbound marketing plan, don’t forget about seniors. Baby boomers are still the largest generation in American history, and they are health conscious as well. As a whole, they also tend to have plenty of expendable income, and most are retirees with the time to spend at the gym. If you tap into what is important to them, you can attract an entirely new demographic. Offer senior discounts and classes designed specifically for seniors. They tend to be social and like to refer to their friends. You could quickly add several new members with just one promotion. 

Offer Remote Classes

As more and more technologies join the Internet of Things (IoT), people are able to connect online across multiple platforms. As you may have noticed within the last year, you can do almost anything remotely, including workouts. Virtual training is an easy and affordable perk that gyms can offer members. Think about letting them take classes via Zoom or Skype. It’s a great way to keep your members active when they aren’t available in person.

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Get Involved In the Community

People join gyms locally. Getting involved in your community is a great way to give back and promote your business. Volunteer at local events that involve fitness. Host a 5k and encourage your staff to join you. Donating to charity is a wonderful thing, but being there in person and making a connection with people will attract more clients. 

Create a Diverse Team of Trainers

Adding to your staff might seem like a strange way to get new clients; however, if your team of trainers is predominantly young males, you may be missing out on several demographics. Diversify your team of trainers by including varying genders and age ranges. Some people are more comfortable working with their own gender or someone closer to their age. 

Partner With Others

Partner up with local companies. Currently, companies are following a trend of trying to find new ways to make the workplace a healthier, more enjoyable environment for employees. Put together some research that shows the benefits of promoting a healthy lifestyle for employees; maybe you can relate it to productivity.

Then schedule a meeting with the human resources manager at a local company. If you can show them that fitness is a positive investment, you can partner up to offer discounts on memberships for their employees or host an open house to allow them to test your classes.

Host a Giveaway

People love a giveaway. Host a contest with great prizes. It’s a fun, easy way to boost your brand and create an online presence while attracting new customers. Here are just a few examples of contest ideas. 

  • Host a transformation photo contest. Ask people to send in their fitness journey before and after photos. People love to talk about their methods of success, and you can offer free classes to help them continue. 
  • Have a raffle to give away gym sneakers. You can offer popular brands and have an event at your location to announce winners. 
  • Give away gym products, such as branded towels and gym bags, accessories from big name brands and health supplements. 

Make giveaways a monthly or quarterly recurrence to keep your name out there in the community.

You can get social media influencers to help you promote your gym. Send out emails and take advantage of ad space. There are always people looking for a chance to better their health, and you can be the one to help. 



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