How To Bet On MMA

Betting on MMA is quickly becoming a real fan favourite when it comes to online sports betting, and it’s easy to see why with the sport booming onto mainstream television in recent years and arguably becoming as popular as boxing for some fans.

MMA means Mixed Martial Arts and includes a huge variety of combat disciplines into one sport, with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) being one of the most popular franchises on the circuit.

It’s popularity has allowed fighters to earn millions from each fight in the UFC and some of the athletes have even come close to becoming household names, such as Conor McGregor.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can place a bet on MMA, the different types of bets you can pick and some of the biggest MMA events that have odds available on them.

How to Bet on MMA

If you are new to MMA betting, then the easiest way to introduce it is by saying that it’s very similar to how you can bet on boxing.

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Most MMA events, whether by UFC or otherwise, will normally include a number of different bouts, so on any particular fight night, you’ll have a number of different fights to bet on.

Match Result Betting

Due to the nature of the sport, many of the fights are won via knockout, which means the most popular type of bet is placed on who punters think will win a particular fight.

This is known as match betting, and is when you place a bet on which of the two fighters will win the bout. There’s also the draw option that is available, although draws tend to be very rare in MMA, although not impossible which is why the odds tend to be fairly big.

Number of Rounds

Another popular bet type is betting on the number of rounds a fight will go. If you are a football punter, this is done in a similar way to the over/under goals market, with your bookmaker giving you over/under a certain number of rounds.

For example, you might be able to bet on a certain fight going over or under 3.5 rounds. This means you will be either betting on the fight to be over in 3 or less rounds, or 4 or more rounds.

Round and Method

Like any type of sports betting, punters often want to bet on more than just the actual result, they want to place a bet on how that result will happen.

MMA betting is no different, and that comes in the shape of round and method betting. Betting on this market gives you the chance to bet on how you think the fight will end and when it will happen.

An example of this is backing McGregor to win by knockout in the third round.

In Play Betting

Most combat sports can change in an instance, whether it’s a knock down or a defensive round, in-play betting allows you to bet while the fight is taking place.

The odds will change as the fight progresses, but markets such as match winners or the round and method will all be available with most bookmakers.

Major UFC Events

All of the major UFC fight nights attract a huge crowd, often with many watching at home through pay-per-view packages, as well as selling out arenas around the globe.

Bookmakers have now started to fill that space with advertising of fights, and now regularly compete for customers with boosted odds and special bets on all the MMA and UFC action.

Some bookies even give a certain amount as a free bet when you sign up and deposit for the first time as a new customer.

This means that you could place a bet on some of the biggest fights with a free bet and be able to keep any winnings in cash.


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