How to explain to her your hobby on the date

As all we know, women are more careful than men. Sometimes it makes them avoid the guys that have dangerous work or hobbies. MMA, Boxing, UFC. For most women, all these words are associated with blood and violence. Let’s try to find out how to explain to your new girlfriend that you are actually a good guy!

Don’t go on the first date with facial injuries

This should be an easy, obvious thing for you to remember before going on a date. Even if you’re meeting someone online, any time there is a potential for them to see your face, try not to have a fight planned that week. If you go into the date looking like you just got mugged, you’re going to scare your partner off. No woman wants to see the swollen eyes, crooked noses, and facial bruising that comes with getting punched and kicked in the face. So, the first thing you must do is clean up, put some ice on your face, and look human before you start chatting because first impressions matter a lot. While you’re going to have some injuries from time to time, let the relationship get underway before she sees you with them.

Approach the topic carefully

Another thing that you must do when you’re first introducing your hobby to your date is to use caution. Unless she has some MMA bumper stickers and an Affliction T-shirt, it’s a good idea to assume she’s not a fan. Thus, you should approach the topic with care, meaning you should bring it up on a date and see what she has to say about it. Ask her if she cares to watch a fight with you, if she’s ever watched a fight, or if she has something against combat sports. Be direct. That way, you can gauge her reaction to see if she is so against it that you won’t be able to make the relationship work or more amenable to the idea of you kicking people in the head for fun. Either way, this is a crucial step that you have to follow.

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Write to her about it before the date!

When you’re trying to make a relationship get off on the right foot, you have to consider writing to your partner first. That way, you can get to know each other before the relationship gets too far along. If you don’t want to talk to your partner face to face about fighting, or if your face is still blown up, then write to her instead. In our great time, the world is full of sites like Flirtycuties where you can easily write to the lady and talk with her about your job, hobbies, life views. And also you can mention that you fight! She’ll love the fact that you’re a confident and strong man that is passionate about your abilities. Even if you find someone that doesn’t share your sensibilities, it’s not like you wasted a lot of time or energy. Finding people that are into fighting is even easier than ever on a dating site. A lot of people fill out their bio section in their profile to include their passions. An MMA lover is something you can find as long as you use the right site!

Meeting a woman that is interested in her boyfriend going out and fighting every week sounds more difficult than it is. With the few tips that we have provided here, you’ll be more than capable of having the opportunity to find the woman of your dreams. Be open and honest about your love of her and fighting, and you’re bound to be successful!


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