How to Predict the Outcome of a Boxing Match

Boxing is a great sport to bet on. And it has been since the 19th century. It started as an illegal activity performed in underground gambling dens. Punters would congregate in their droves to see if they would return home with a pretty penny in their pocket.

The intensity of the fight combined with the risk makes boxing an exhilarating sport for betting spectators to place their money on. But if you’re betting on boxing you need to pick your fights wisely and be level headed when selecting your bets. Let’s read on to find out how you can predict the outcome of a boxing match and win big on an exciting fight. 

Watch the Style

When it comes to betting some of you may just look at the odds on the fighter along with their previous fight records to decide who you think will win the bout. The truth is that predicting a boxing match takes a far more scrutinous approach. When looking at an upcoming fight, the theory of some will go as follows:

  • Boxer One beats Boxer Two
  • Boxer Two beats boxer Three
  • Therefore, Boxer One must surely beat Boxer Three

But, this is not exactly how it works. First of all, you should take a look at the two fighters’ styles. Are they comparable? Or are they polar opposites?

For example one of them may take on the classic boxing approach of maintaining a distance and aiming to win the fight on a points decision through long-range jabs and wearing their opponent down. An opponent of the classic style may have a contrasting style. He might be an aggressive swarmer who likes to get in nice and close to his opponents and throw brutal combinations of punches, aiming for a knockout, as opposed to a points-based win.

It’s important to compare the two fighters’ before placing bets to see if you believe that one boxer’s style is one they can win with. Thus, a careful analysis not just of the fighters’ win records but also of video footage of previous fights is important material to go over if you want to bet wisely. 

Look Beyond the Moneyline

When betting on boxing you don’t only need to put on a moneyline bet where you predict the winner. You can also make other predictions such as what round they will win the fight in and their manner of winning. To make a careful bet on this you should look through a boxer’s win records to see the manner that they often win with and compare it with their opponent’s. Check to see if they most frequently win by knockout, technical knockout or if it is on point-based decisions. If they have a very high ratio of wins by knockout,  it could be worth putting a bet on them winning by knockout if the odds seem good.

Select your Favorite Carefully

Just because someone is a strong favorite does not necessarily mean that they will win. Always expect an upset. Due to the infrequency of bouts, many of them can be more susceptible to unexpected results than a sport like football can. This is because there are often a few months between fighters’ bouts whilst a football team plays once or twice a week, meaning it is easier to make an analysis of a team and their form. With boxing, however, meticulous studying of the way that the boxer fights is required to see if they are worth backing with your money. Also, remember that you’re not backing a team, you’re backing a man. If one player in a sports team is having a bad day, the team can carry him and still manage to overcome the opponent. A boxer cannot afford to have a bad day. If they do, they lose.

Before placing a bet on a boxing match, you, the bettor must compare your prediction of a fight with that of the bookmaker’s. If you believe that your prediction is stronger than what the bookmaker is offering, that confirms that you are in a good position to make a bet. For instance, if you are eyeing up a fight with one boxer’s odds being 1.40 and the other’s being 4.00, you may believe that the latter boxer, the underdog, actually has a far better chance of winning the fight based on your analysis of they’re style.

Remember, betting odds also change depending on how many people are betting on a particular boxer, meaning that the odds do not always accurately represent the chances of something happening. So, if you believe that the bookmaker’s underdog actually has a fighting chance of winning the bout, then the floor’s yours and you should take the bet! 

So, when it comes to predicting the outcome of a fight, pay careful attention to the boxer’s style and not just to their win record. This is what will allow you to make great predictions that can win you big money. Remember, the moment when you find really good odds on a boxer that you think has a great chance of winning is the moment you seriously consider betting.


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