How to Stay on Top of Your MMA Training While in Quarantine

2020 started out as a banner year, where everything seemed possible and the impossible was finally within reach. It seemed like the year of opportunity, the Roaring Twenties all over again over a century later. Little did we know we would experience something a lot of us, collectively, had not experienced: a global pandemic that would change the course of the new decade as we knew it. COVID-19 seemed like a bad omen for how the decade would start out, and while we do not know what these next few years will bring, we can adapt to whatever challenges it will bring. One challenge in particular was the closing of a lot of major businesses people rely on for daily activity.

I know for myself particularly, the business closure that affected my life was the closing of my favorite gym. For a lot of people, this was a common thread. Those who frequented the gym or a workout facility multiple times a week to tone up and get into shape were thrown for a loop. 

Many resorted to new techniques and regimens to adjust to a new routine of staying at home. While a lot found it easy to try new things at home, those of us who practice MMA, or mixed martial arts, found it quite challenging to adapt efficiently. Do you practice MMA? Were you struggling during the COVID-19 lockdown? Here is how you could adapt not only your exercise routine to lockdown and quarantine but also your physical regimen as a whole to your new secluded lifestyle. 

What is MMA?

MMA is essentially a combination or hybrid of different fighting styles, including but not limited to boxing, wrestling, judo, jujitsu, and karate. Like boxing and other fighting styles, it is considered dangerous to an untrained person, so you could see why a person who practices MMA would be affected very strongly by any quarantining orders stemming from the pandemic. 

Without proper practice arenas or gyms, a person who is an MMA fighter would have a very hard time staying in shape or even practicing their techniques. While MMA is considered dangerous and illegal in some areas, it is still an established competitive sport that deserves the utmost respect and diligence by anyone considering giving it a shot. How would you practice while at home? Keep reading…

Keeping Up with Training from the Comfort of your Home

A lot of times, those who transitioned from a public gym or a gym business to a home gym or working out at home did so by just doing what they usually do at home, like push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and all of the rest of the ups there are. How would an MMA fighter practice at home though? The real answer is to adapt as much as possible. The first thing you could do at home is set up an area you can practice in where you have a lot of space. For me, that would be my living room or my front yard. For others, it could be the basement or the garage. Wherever you have enough space to practice your kicks and punches, it will work. If you feel as if it may not be adequate, try it out first. You can always adjust later.

The next thing you could do is get access to instructional videos that work the same as if you had your own personal instructor at home with you as you practice and work out. You can get these videos anywhere these days, whether on DVD or on different streaming sites.

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During the pandemic, a lot of fitness instructors have become very creative with their client services. If you need a real instructor, not just a video, often you might luck out and get a real person that you could do a live video feed with from a laptop or a phone. Just strap on your gloves and follow along. This way, you could stay with the quarantining orders and still receive live support and feedback from someone you trust.

Finally, the last thing you could do to transition your MMA workouts is to keep track of your progress. This might seem too simple, and maybe it is, but I know for a fact that I do better in whatever task I am working to accomplish by keeping track of my goals and accomplishments until the ultimate goal is reached. This is no exception. 

Like I said previously, it is important to stay on as normal of a schedule as possible while quarantining and social distancing to maintain sanity and a sense of normality. Each day that you do your workouts and routines, try doing something new to track progress. A lot of people during the pandemic started doing workout challenges to keep themselves on a consistent daily track. What they did and still do is do video diaries of their daily progress and give a rundown of what their regimen looked like for the day.

Video diaries are not only a great source of documentation, but it allows you as the future MMA elite star to track your progress from Day One. Maybe video diaries are not for you and you would rather write down your progress in a journal bound by lock and key. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you track your daily progress towards your ultimate goal. 


To conclude, you may be wondering what you should do next.

Should you follow my every instruction and my every tip down to the last detail? You do not have to, trust me, this is your journey. However, while we are still social distancing, take some time to research how you can build up your MMA routines at home. You can use things written in this article or you can take the time to get super creative and have even more fun with learning this wonderful style of fighting.

Whether you do what is written here or try something new on your own, remember this: the pandemic may have taken a lot of things from us, but if we learn how to adapt and to make lemons out of lemonade, we will not only have a refreshing beverage but new skills for a lifetime. If you would like to learn more about tips on how to stay on track at home, take the time to research MMA during quarantine and you will be on your way. It might take some time to perfect your own style, but you too can learn how to stay in shape from your own home. Now go be a badass and start (or continue) your MMA journey from wherever you’re able.


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