How to Watch UFC 235 Jones vs Smith Live Online from Anywhere

The UFC 235 main bout between Jon Jones and Anthony Smith will be a big fight after a long time. It has gained much hype and UFC fans are ready for it now.  

When is UFC 235 Taking Place?

The UFC 235 event will take place on Saturday, Macrh 2, 2019, in T-Mobile Arena, Paradise, Nevada. The main fight time schedule is as follows for different time zones:

  • Eastern Time (ET): 10 p.m.
  • Central Time (CT): 9 p.m.
  • Pacific Time (PT): 8 p.m.

Sunday 3rd March:

  • Brazil Time (BT): 12 a.m.
  • Greenwich (GMT): 3 a.m.
  • Japan Time (JST): 11 a.m.
  • Moscow Time (MSK): 5 a.m.
  • Central European Time (CEST): 4 a.m.

How to Watch UFC 235 Live Online?

There are only three reliable and authentic ways to live stream UFC 235. These three solutions are

  1. Get a PPV service
  2. Watch it on official channel in your country
  3. Stream UFC 235 online for free

Solution 1: How to Watch UFC 235 via PPV for Lowest Price

The UFC PPV is the best option for UFC fans who want to experience the fight from close. However, it is paid and expensive option, as in some regions including US, the HD PPV price amounts up to $54.99.

Surprisingly, in some regions, the UFC PPV is priced much lower compared to that in the US. Though you may not be in the region where it is priced lower, you can still use a VPN to change your location and get the UFC PPV in a lower price.

To get the lowest price for UFC PPV, connect to India or Mexico server through PureVPN. The UFC PPV price is only $9.99. Another better option is $13.5 from Philippines.

Solution 2: How to Watch UFC 235 on a TV Channel

There are few TV channels that will telecast live fight on cable as well as online on their website. But the bad thing is that, they are geographically restricted and can be seen from specific locations.

Channels: Country

  • Fox Sports: USA
  • Fight Network: Canada
  • Brazil: Globo
  • BT Sports: UK
  • Main Event: Australia
  • RMC: France
  • Sony Live: India

If you have subscription of any of the above channel but you are not in the country, you may use PureVPN to change your virtual location, by connecting to required country server, and then visits the channel’s website to access the live stream.

Solution 3: How to Watch UFC 235 Online for Free

You can also stream UFC 235 online without spending a cent on PPV or channel subscription. Just get a good VPN that can help you change your virtual location and access a free live stream. Here is the tip:

  • Get a good Sports VPN, such as PureVPN, and install it on your device
  • Connect to Russian Server
  • After connecting, access
  • Start live streaming the PPV event for free

Bonus Tip

In short, no matter which solution you are interested to watch UFC 235 or any future fight, PureVPN helps in all 3 ways to get you buffer-free streaming in different price range.  Avail 70% discount on Annual plan and watch all UFC fights at your convenience from anywhere.

Supported Devices to Watch UFC 235?

Any device that is connected to internet can stream UFC 235. Some of the popular devices include PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, Android TV, and smartphones. You can even get the MMA add-on and set up a live stream on your Kodi media player. The best part is that PureVPN is supported in all these devices too.

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