I Bet you didn’t know that! The story behind the MMA Glove

Generally, there are various factors while buying the right pair of MMA gloves. One pair of gloves is not enough to deal with the professional training. The first thing that came to mind while thinking about Mixed Martial Arts is the need for combat gear that assures protection. Mixed Martial arts has transformed the training of combat sports and MMA equipment altogether. Boxing gloves are usually similar, but the MMA gloves are divided due to various fighting styles.  

To erase the impact of being a primitive sport, MMA developed itself with numerous innovative solutions and disciplines.  

MMA Gloves 

MMA gear has gone through different transformations and innovations due to the addition of various safety features. Protection is the main focus as MMA Sparring gloves come with flexibility and hand protection to the fighter and even to your sparring partners. Fighting techniques in MMA are entirely different, so MMA equipment from StarPro Combat is additional from other combat sports gear.  

Origin of MMA Gloves  

  • We must mention here that MMA gloves are an instant game-changer in the history of Mixed Martial Arts. It has quite interesting origins and evolved with various interesting facts, although there are different sources of the invention of the original idea. We must mention here that they introduced the Olympic Games in 648 B.C., and the first mixed martial arts belong to Ancient Greece and is known as Pankration.  
  • According to a common theory that the origin of MMA is from the late 1960s as an old Karate Fighter pioneered the sport. At the beginning of the Karate sport, there were Kempo Style gloves were used initially.  
  • Although the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is responsible for the MMA Sparring Gloves and MMA equipment, the facts are different. We have concluded that 4-6oz fingerless gloves were invented initially. They used these fingerless gloves in 1989 in popular Japanese Shooto Promotion. Here we must mention that Shooto is the oldest MMA organization based in Japan. At that time, those gloves were perfect for striking and were quite identical to boxing gloves.  
  • Another source portrays that Mixed Martial Artist, Bruce Lee, coming up in a movie theatre wearing weird, strange gloves. Typically, he was wearing gloves that were similar to winter gloves but quite smaller in size. Those gloves came with enough space for grappling, wrestling and clinching. Due to the artist’s popularity at that time, we can believe that idea of MMA gloves floated in that movie theatre. 
  • Melton Bowen is the first fighter to wear gloves in the Octagon, although now it is an essential part of UFC.  

MMA equipment  

Initially, in the 1990s, fighters usually wore the gear in accordance to represent their background. Even the most famous fighters only wear shoes and different shoes as MMA equipment. We must mention here that without any support, MMA fighters started wearing gloves. At the first time, Felix Mitchell wore Gloves at UFC 3 and was interrupted by the referee on wearing them. So eventually, the fighter who came up with MMA gloves in the limelight was Melton Browen at UFC 4, a professional boxer.  

Official Regulation  

The gloves became official regulation in 1997 at UFC 14, while before that, it was the fighters’ choice. As a result, there was an evolution in design to deliver in every aspect of the fight.  

Comparison between the performance of MMA and Boxing Gloves 

According to a survey conducted by the University of Waterloo that came out with interesting results. We must mention here that a 4oz MMA glove is powerful enough to generate 4-5 times greater peak force and 5 times load rate than any boxing glove.  

Moreover, we are not talking about long-term injuries, but normally MMA fighters sustain more injuries than Boxing fighters. Although you have more chances of damage if you participate in mixed martial arts, they are not as severe as in Boxing. The University of Alberta does this analysis, that injuries in MMA are usually facial cuts and not brutal, but in Boxing, it is quite severe.  

Choosing Combat Gear 

In this contemporary world, MMA is not only a sport but a lifestyle. But always focus on comfort and protection while choosing combat gear. In mixed martial arts, one can get hard enough protection from the gloves alone, so go for the hand wraps. We will recommend you StarPro Combat gear to get quality MMA equipment.  

MMA Coaching Equipment: (MMA Gloves and MMA Sparring Gloves) 

They came with top-notch MMA coaching equipment to avoid any severe damage, along with high-quality MMA Sparring Gloves with affordability.  

For MMA, your fingers are free to the grappling side of the game and fight through entirely different techniques. Fingerless gloves are an inevitable part of today’s MMA, a mandatory accessory; check out F55 Fusion Training MMA Glove or Beginner Grappling Glove to learn about additional features. They usually come with enough padding to cover the first two knuckles and provide more grappling opportunities—moreover, no padding on the palm to strengthen the grip.  

Hand Wraps: 

As bones in our hands are very delicate compared to other bodies, they can get injuries easily. MMA fighters have the maximum chance of injury; to avoid disruptions in the bone structure, try Quick Wraps. In fact, hand wraps improve protection and are as important as a good pair of Gloves.  

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