London: The Uruguayan Association of Mixed Martial Arts (UAMMA) has been formally confirmed by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) as its newest member.  

IMMAF is proud to introduce the UAMMA, founded in 2017, as its sole representative for the sport MMA in Uruguay. UAMMA received government recognition in January of 2019, announced by the National Sports Secretary and Ministry of Education and Culture.

Building on its foundational relationships with members and affiliates, the vision of UAMMA is to promote and develop MMA in Uruguay. UAMMA will provide support and education for Uruguay’s MMA community and aims to introduce regulatory standards for professional and amateur events. It will also work to source funding and create opportunities for grass roots talent, that includes the creation of a database for registered athletes.

UAMMAA president, Fernando Degregorio Llugdar, commented:

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“We invite everyone to join us at this new stage that will enable the growth of MMA in our country.

“The objectives of IMMAF and UAMMA are very clear and transparent: to regulate, legitimatise and standardise the work of Amateur MMA; to facilitate optimal growth, compliance, performance; and boost the health of the sport and the athletes who practice this beautiful discipline. In this way, with the support of the National Secretary of Sports, the Uruguayan Confederation of Sports and affiliated academies, we will continue working to grow MMA in our country.

“It only remains for us to thank IMMAF for its trust in us and to give our assurance that we will work tirelessly for the development of our sport.”


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