London: Download the pioneering IMMAF application at the App Store or Google Play store and join the new global hub for MMA, where practitioners can develop skills and acquire certifications via the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s grading system for mixed martial arts.

As an athlete / practitioner, the IMMAF App. will allow you to:

• Log and track your progress based on the newly established MMA-specific grading system

• Get upgraded and download your belt certification

• Learn and improve your skills thanks to our vast media collection of learning videos and instructions

• Chat with your coach

As a coach, the IMMAF App will allow you to:

• Log and track the progress of your students based on the newly established MMA-specific progression scheme

• Enable you to upgrade your students’ belts

• Adjust your students’ progression and score their moves

• Chat with your students and send broadcast messages to all your students

• Learn and enhance your skills thanks to our vast media collection of learning videos and instructions

Additionally, the IMMAF App. is the best way to receive all the latest news and competition information for global amateur MMA.

Developed by the world governing body for MMA in tandem with its Coaches’ Education and Licensing Programme, at official launch, five-hundred-and-forty-seven IMMAF certified coaches already have full access to the IMMAF App. As IMMAF continues to roll out its coach licensing courses around the world in 2020, use of the App. as a teaching and assessment tool is set to become a core course component:

·        All MMA coaching course candidates in 2020 will be required to download App for registration as part of the course. A how to register guide will be sent to all candidates prior to the seminar.

·        Part of the course program will be an introduction to the MMA grading procedure using the IMMAF App.

·        Candidates for Level 1 and Level 2 will have access to familiarize themselves with all techniques prior to the course in the “TEACH ME” application section. Note: Videos are free up until Orange belt 

·        Candidates will be officially graded and registered on the IMMAF application by the seminar coach after training completion.

IMMAF’s Director of Sport Development, Andrew Moshanov, said:

“I am happy that the IMMAF Coach Education and Certification Programme for MMA has materialised from its earlier pilots into a solid program in 2019, and we were able to see 547 coaches through it. Leading numbers are in Australia, Mexico, France, Ireland and Greece. There are many more coaches working around the globe, queuing to join up in 2020.

“Next year will see program taught in Kazakhstan and Russia, where MMA is a state supported sport and nearly a 1,000 of coaches are expected to join the IMMAF certified coaching taskforce. 

“From 2020 we will be offering to all coaches the multi-lingual state-of-art App, allowing them to run the grading of their athletes in the new way – online.”

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