IMMAF Releases 2015 – 2019 Championship Programmes On Youtube For Limited Period

London: The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is to release 2015 – 2019 Championship highlight programmes from its broadcast archive onto the IMMAF YouTube channel for a limited period only, until the end of January 2022.

The documentaries chart the trajectory of top medals contenders through IMMAF Championship tournaments from across the weight divisions.

The programmes have broadcast across a range of TV channels globally including Fox Sports, BT Sport, Sky Sports, Extreme Sports Channel, POLSAT, Combat (Globosat), Eir Sport/ Setanta, SFR, Teleport Ru, Fight Network, Bahrain TV, Abu Dhabi TV and TV Sport 5.

Now, the IMMAF YouTube release gives MMA fans from all around the world the opportunity to watch (free-of-charge) earlier amateur matches of a host of IMMAF talent, including reigning champions and veterans now carving their way through the professional ranks, such as Muhammad Mokaev and Leah McCourt.

See the full release schedule below:

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IMMAF 2015 World Championships Highlights (Tuesday, 11th January, 3pm UTC)

Men’s Bantamweight + Women’s Flyweight + Men’s Light Heavyweight episodes

Featuring Jose Torres (USA), Micol Di Segni (Italy) and Saeid Mirzaei (Canada).

IMMAF 2016 World Championships Highlights (Thursday, 13th January, 3pm UTC)

Women’s Bantamweight + Featherweight episodes

Featuring Cornelia Holm (Sweden), Camilla Mannes (Norway), Leah McCourt (Northern Ireland), Julia Dorny (Germany)

IMMAF 2016 World Championships Highlights (Saturday, 15th January, 5pm UTC)

Men’s Welterweight episode

Featuring Will Starks (USA), Alexander Martinez (Canada), Hardeep Rai (UK), Cian Cowley (Ireland).

IMMAF 2017 World Championships Highlights (Monday, 17th January, 3pm UTC)

Men’s Heavyweight + Women’s Lightweight episode

Featuring Irman Smajic (Sweden), Ryan Spillane (Ireland), Gase Sanita (New Zealand), Kaycee Blake (UK)

IMMAF 2018 World Championships Highlights (Wednesday, 19th January, 3pm UTC)

Featuring Jenni Kivioja (Finland), Badgat Zhubanysh (Kazakhstan), Sola Axel (France)

IMMAF 2019 World Championships Highlights (Friday, 21st January, 3pm UTC)

Featuring Wesley Bailes (USA), Ramazan Gitinov (Bahrain), Sabrina De Sousa (Bahrain), Reo Yamaguchi (Japan), Muhammad Mokaev (England), Michelle Montague (New Zealand)


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