IMMAF World Champion hopes to return at Brave 18

Benjamin Bennett made his professional debut at Brave Combat Federation after leaving behind a successful amateur career with a record of 30-3-0. The gold medalist at the welterweight division of 2017 IMMAF World Championships made a statement in his pro-debut with a first round knockout of Sebastian Kozok. Bennett stated after the bout that he is ready to leap into the big leagues and is confident to face anyone at anytime and is hungry for more fights to settle down in the most competitive division in Brave Combat Federation.

“I think that the welterweight division will always be a very tough division especially in Brave I feel over time the weak links in the division will get weeded out and the true champions and contenders will emerge from the ranks as brave grows over time”, stated Bennett.

Bennett picked up five victories in the 2017 IMMAF World Championships. The American athlete, who has also found success in amateur boxing, started strong in the tournament in Bahrain with unanimous decision victory over Team Bahrain boxing specialist Abbas Khan followed by a knockout win over Pat Hamer.

In the quarter final of the 2017 IMMAF World Championships, Bennett defeated Oskar Karlstrom Biller via unanimous decision. Bennett went on to defeat Issa Isakov via unanimous decision in the semifinal and Sola Axel via split decision in the finals.

The IMMAF Gold medalist has stated that he is ready to compete during the 2018 Brave International Combat Week.

“I am expected to make my return during the 2018 Brave International Combat Week at Brave 18 in the pro-card. I can’t wait to perform in Bahrain where I won Gold for the USA at 2017 IMMAF World Championships.”, said Ben Bennett.

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