IMPACT Wrestling (9/1/20) Recap and Results

The prestigious IMPACT World Championship is on the line in a colossal main event, as Eddie Edwards makes another title defense against “The World-Class Maniac” Eric Young. Rob Van Dam goes one-on-one with Sami Callihan in a clash of former World Champions. “The War Machine” Rhino battles Reno Scum in a 2-on-1 match. The team of Ace Austin & Madman Fulton face off against Dez & Wentz of The Rascalz. Fresh off her victorious title defense in last week’s epic Ironman match, Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo hosts a Black Tie Affair. Plus tensions have come to a head between best friends at WRESTLE HOUSE, as Taya Valkyrie takes on Rosemary with John E. Bravo as the prize.

The show begins with a look at last week’s Emergence Night Two with a focus on Eddie Edwards defending the IMPACT World Championship against Rob Van Dam successfully then being attacked by Eric Young. Then highlights of the 30 Minute Iron Man match for the Knockouts Championship between Deonna Purrazzo and Jordynne Grace.

As always, our commentary team is Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne.

Singles Match – Sami Callihan vs. Rob Van Dam (with Katie Forbes)

Result: Sami Callihan wins via pinfall.

Thoughts: This feud has been building for weeks and Callihan wastes no time attacking RVD during his entrance. Several distractions from Katie Forbes, both in favor of and to the detriment of RVD. Matthews and Rayne even have to talk about how blatant her interference is right in front of the referee. Sadly any semblance of a match that the two are able to put together is completely hampered by the ridiculous amount of times Forbes interjected. In the end, Callihan reverses a roll-up to win the match.

Following the match, Katie Forbes leads Callihan into a trap getting attacked by RVD. Forbes and RVD both do running attacks into a steel chair in front of Callihan’s face, RVD using his feet and Forbes using her derriere.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne run down the rest of the card for the evening.

Backstage we see Hernandez winning an arm-wrestling match against Fallah Bahh and making him pay. Reno Scum comes in to advise that they have scoured the building and there is no sign of Heath, making their match against Rhino 2 on 1. They then tell Hernandez that they want more money this time. He tells them if they take out Rhino he will give him the whole wad of cash.

We get reality show sit down interviews with Rosemary, John E. Bravo, and Taya Valkyrie building the hype to their match for Bravo later tonight.

At WrestleHouse everyone is waiting for Johnny Swinger to come out of the bathroom, as he is dressed by Crazzy Steve following his loss last week. After everyone promises not to laugh at him he comes dressed out as what Cody Deaner describes as a “reject member of the Insane Clown Posse.” John E. Bravo enters the scene and Tommy Dreamer informs him that he will be the special guest referee for the match tonight.

Tag Team Match – Reno Scum vs. Rhino

Result: Rhino wins via pinfall.

Thoughts: No sign of Heath as the match begins with Rhino charging the team before they turn the momentum to them following a double attack. Thornstowe takes off his studded belt and wraps it around his fist but is attacked from behind by the cameraman using Heath’s signature move the ‘Wake Up Call’ leading to Rhino grabbing the W.

Following the match Heath reveals himself and celebrates with Rhino. Scott D’Amore enters the arena with security who chase off Heath while D’Amore seemingly admonishes Rhino.

Moose is sitting in a room when the TV behind him turns on with an EC3 promo. EC3 tells Moose to give him a proper match for the TNA Championship or he will send it back to him piece by piece. Moose takes off claiming the police need to be called for a hostage situation and goes looking for EC3.

Backstage, Karl Anderson is telling a story from a club in New Orleans with Doc Gallows and Uncle Alan (AJ Styles) where Gallows fell asleep in a loud club standing up. The Rascalz are brought into the room but immediately leave to get ready for their match later tonight.

Back to WrestleHouse where John E. Bravo is getting advice from everyone about what he should do in the match tonight. The Deaners approach Larry D about taking their beer, and the truce between the two teams is over and descends into a big brawl throughout the house. Filmed like the cinematic matches that have been all the rage, there are a ton of comedy spots between Cody Deaner and Acey Romero. These include a body slam on a couch and the match somehow turning into a ping pong match. Eventually Acey ends up in an elevator and Cody has to run the stairs and chase him to finish his big blowoff punch. Eventually Larry D morphs into Laurence D, until finally Susie comes in and gets angry that the truce was broken. We see her leave the room, and Tommy Dreamer looks inside and looks sick, before raising Susie’s arm (which is covered in blood) in victory before running off. An interesting segment and one I sincerely hope that Jim Cornette sees and reviews.

Tag Team Match – Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The Rascalz

Result: The Rascalz win via pinfall.

Thoughts: Wentz plays the role of Ricky Morton in a competitive fast paced match, leading to Dez getting the hot tag leading to stereo top rope dives as Dez gets the pin on Ace Austin.

Following the match, the Motor City Machine Guns come out and address that their return match was against the Rascalz, and they would not have been prepared. The offer is made for next week for a Slammiversary rematch with the IMPACT Tag Team Championships on the line. Fulton and Austin attack the Rascalz but the Machine Guns make the save.

Backstage Deonna Purrazzo is disgusted with how most of the roster is dressed for her Black Tie Affair. She approaches Kimber Lee and asks her to be her special guest in case Jordynne Grace tries to crash the event. Moose interrupts still looking for EC3.

Rohit Raju is looking at himself in the X Division Title when he is interrupted by TJP, who wants an opportunity at the belt. Rohit tells him that Chris Bey still has his rematch and is therefore first in line, unless TJP takes it up with him or bumps him out of the way.

WrestleHouse Match – Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie (Special Guest Referee John E. Bravo) – Winner Gets Bravo

Result: Taya wins via pinfall.

Thoughts: The only in-ring match from WrestleHouse this week begins with a lot of trash talk. Taya tells Rosemary she looks like an ‘emo kid’ who shops at Hot Topic and Rosemary tells her that ‘Slam Town’ is a cess pool. The competitors on the outside from the earlier ‘match’ are all bandaged up in nice bit of continuity. Taya dominates early and the match goes back and forth before Taya scores the win in a surprise.

Following the match, a dejected Rosemary tells everyone they can go home, before John E. Bravo proposes to her, which she accepts. Kylie Rae asks if they can all go back to the Impact Zone, and Taya agrees it’s time to go home, but not before we find out that it was Crazzy Steve who stole the beer and not Larry D. The group all morphin’ times out of the ring and back to the IMPACT Zone.

The roster is all around the ring where Kimber Lee introduces Deonna Purrazzo to the ring. The Virtuosa compares herself to Michelangelo and Donatello as she has painted a masterpiece in her time in IMPACT Wrestling. As soon as she says that nothing and no one can ruin her night, Jordynne Grace’s music hits and she walks to ringside. She comes to congratulate Purrazzo but advises that her title reign won’t last when Tenille Dashwood (fka Emma) returns to IMPACT and says she is coming for the Knockouts Championship. Jordynne and Tenille get into it on the ramp when all of the WrestleHouse cast morphs into the ring. Kimber Lee goes to attack Kylie Rae but Susie helps her leading to a superkick on Lee. Rae celebrates in the ring with the Knockouts Championship and Purrazzo throws a fit on the ramp.

Backstage Brian Myers is interviewed and says he will give Willie Mack a chance to shake his hand in respect next week when Moose comes in asking if anyone has seen EC3. Myers tells him where he saw him and takes off. Myers throws a fit about being interrupted while he cuts a promo and how unprofessional it is.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne run down what we can expect next week, including a brand new Locker Room Talk with special guests Kylie Rae and Susie. We will also see Chris Bey facing TJP, and the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship will be on the line as the Motor City Machine Guns defend against The Rascalz.

IMPACT World Championship Match – Eddie Edwards (C) vs. Eric Young

Result: Eric Young wins via pinfall.

Thoughts: In the few months since Slammiversary when I started officially covering IMPACT Wrestling, this has to be the best-built feud and match so stakes are high. The two waste no time in getting vicious and going at it each other with a high level of intensity. A little back and forth before Young hits a neck breaker on the apron and takes control. Young focuses all his intent on Edwards’ neck. Edwards hits a desperation throwaway Blue Thunder Bomb to turn the match in his favor. The two begin exchanging near falls following big moves, Edwards after a backpack stunner and Young after a top rope elbow drop. Edwards seems to buckle hie knee following a dive over the top rope but is still able to hit a Tiger Driver. Edwards hits a suicide dive onto Young but seemingly hurts his knee worst. Young grabs the World Title and when the referee takes it away he blasts Edwards with his entrance hockey mask in the skull. One piledriver later and we have a brand-new IMPACT World Champion.

Following the match, Young attacks Edwards further with a knee lock on his injured leg until security manages to break it up.

We are now in the age of the World Class Maniac, buckle up.

Before the show fully closes Moose finally finds EC3’s room where he discovers a full-blown conspiracy board with pictures of him everywhere, and a map with a knife in it. Once he rips it all apart there are four pieces of paper on the wall spelling out a message for him….

You Have Been Warned.


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