IMPACT Wrestling presents Night 2 of EMERGENCE Results and Recap

IMPACT Wrestling presents Night 2 of EMERGENCE on AXS TV, featuring a historic first-ever 30 minute Ironman match for the Knockouts Championship, as Jordynne Grace challenges Deonna Purrazzo in a rematch from their epic encounter at SLAMMIVERSARY 2020. IMPACT World Champion Eddie Edwards looks to continues his reign of triumphant title defenses in another open challenge. EC3 will reveal why he stole the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Moose last week. Willie Mack goes one-on-one with Brian Myers. Plus another edition of WRESTLE HOUSE, Madison Rayne hosts a brand new Locker Room Talk and we hear from new X-Division Champion Rohit Raju, Sami Callihan and “The War Machine” Rhino.

The show begins with a hype video promoting night two of Emergence and the big matches scheduled for tonight, with a focus on Eddie Edwards open challenge for the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship and the first-ever 30 minutes Ironman match for the Knockouts Championship.

Our announce team as always is Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne.

IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge Match – Eddie Edwards (C) vs. Rob Van Dam (with Katie Forbes)

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Result: Eddie Edwards retains via pinfall following a Boston Knee Party.

Thoughts: A lot of action on the outside of the ring, with the constant distractions from Katie Forbes, whether she is distracting her own man RVD for a kiss, or smashing Edwards in the head with her rear rend before some twerking. Once the match focused in the ring they were able to put some momentum together with brief flashes of the old RVD flashing at times. Following a missed 5 Star Frog Splash from RVD, Edwards nailed the Boston Knee Party.

Following the match Eric Young attacks Eddie Edwards from behind, declaring that he is taking his title shot next week, and that it is finally his time. A big title match next week for IMPACT to follow up on the big Emergence event.

Matthews and Rayne run down some of the card for the rest of the night and throwing us back to WrestleHouse.

We learn that Taya has organized a group bonding toga party. As Cody Deaner is getting ready, Cousin Jake runs in and throws powder in his face and yells out “FUJI!” He says that Johnny Swinger taught him to do it, and Cody reminds Jake that the first rule of Wrestle House is to not listen to anything Johnny Swinger says. Swinger himself is wearing a leopard print toga and gives Crazzy Steve hell for wearing a plain toga like every other curtain jerker, and tells him they are going to Fuji every mizark in the house.

Following a break, the toga party is underway, and its pretty clear most of the talent is drunk, specifically Alisha and Taya. Kylie Rae approaches Taya who ends up puking on Steve. Alisha asks Dreamer where John E. Bravo is, who says he is in his room pouting due to the other two people who are missing from the party (Rosemary and Larry D). Acey and the Deaners renew their truce, while the Deaners still wonder where their beer went. Steve and Swinger go to Fuji Larry D who avoids it, leading to Steve being blinded. And of course, Tommy Dreamer announces a blind fold match between Swinger and Steve with the loser having to dress as the other next week.

WrestleHouse Blindfold Match – Crazzy Steve vs. Johnny Swinger (Special Referee Cousin Jake)

Result: Crazzy Steve wins via pinfall with a schoolboy.

Thoughts: Martel and Robers this ain’t. Crazzy Steve uses a horn to distract Swinger, which Jake ends up taking from him and using, leading to a kick from Swinger. Swinger really tries to use the Roberts technique from WrestleMania VII but the crowd leads him the wrong way on purpose, leading to a roll up by Steve for the win.

Back at the arena, Eddie Edwards angrily looks for Eric Young.

A video package for Bound For Glory featuring Eric Young calling for a revolution is shown.

Backstage, Rhino, wearing a #Heath4IMPACT shirt challenges Reno Scum to a tag team match next week, imploring the fans to use the hashtag so that he can have Heath as his partner.

Back in the arena, Eddie Edwards comes to the ring without music, calling out Eric Young. Young comes out and reminds Edwards that he is the ‘World Class Maniac’ and everything that he is doing is by design. He remains five steps ahead of Edwards, and he will not fight him for the title until next week. Edwards jumps Young and they are separated by security. In the fracas Scott D’Amore is shoved down by Edwards.

Rohit Raju is interviewed backstage about how he manipulated his way into winning the X Division Championship from Chris Bey last week. He talks about how he never was given any opportunities and was always considered ‘bottom of the barrel.’ He says he will be giving out the types of opportunities he never received, because he is the champion.

Madison Rayne is backstage for a new edition of Locker Room Talk. As Johnny Swinger is still at WrestleHouse she is joined by The Rascalz. Following some marijuana entendres and the guys calling Madison a ‘Karen’ we are joined by our guests, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. The discussion turns to their loss to the Good Brothers and tensions flare as the Rascalz tease about their loss.

Sami Callihan cuts a promo via his hacking about being in RVD and Katie Forbes’ head. He tells them he is going to the ring next week to call them out.

EC3 cuts an emotional promo about defeating Kurt Angle in 2015 for his first TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He says he can never be free as long as the physical manifestation of the title exists. He tells Moose he has the potential to be something great but hides himself behind the title, robes, music, and nicknames. He calls him a false idol and says the only way he can be free is to destroy the championship.

Singles Match – Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack

Result: Brian Myers wins via pinfall.

Thoughts: Slow to start but picks up momentum a few minutes in as Brian Myers starts talking a lot of trash to Mack in the ring. Mack gets caught up in the ropes and Myers pulls him in a lariat hanging him up. Myers continues to work a rather methodical slow style, working down Mack until a huge sky high counter from Mack. Willie looks great during the hot comeback as Myers does a wonderful job selling the hurt. Myers steals the win with a rollup and a handful of tights.

Heath appears for another #Heath4IMPACT saying we need to get it trending to Rhino doesn’t have to go it alone next week against Reno Scum.

Back to WrestleHouse where the toga party continues. Cousin Jake realizes that Laurence D is actually Stefan from Family Matters (Steve Urkel’s suave counterpart). Rosemary appears for her date with Laurence D, but is taken aside by Alisha. Dreamer wakes up Taya who falls over and proceeds to tell Bravo to go after Rosemary. Bravo interrupts Laurence D and Rosemary and slaps D in the face. Dreamer announces a match.

WrestleHouse Match – John E. Bravo vs. Larry D (Special Referee Acey Romero)

Result: Larry D wins via pinfall.

Thought: Two punches and it’s over, but I guess it moves the Bravo/Rosemary/Taya story along. Bravo finally admits that he has feelings for Rosemary and tells the drunk Taya as much. Taya calls out Rosemary for being jealous of her and being responsible for them all being in WrestleHouse. She challenges Rosemary to a winner take all match next week, potentially being the ending of WrestleHouse.

So next week we have the Winner Take All match at WrestleHouse, as well as Ace Austin & Madman Fulton facing The Rascalz, Sami Callihan vs. RVD, and the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Eddie Edwards defends against Eric Young.

30 Minute Knockouts Iron Man Match for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship – Deonna Purrazzo (C) vs. Jordynne Grace

Result: Deonna Purrazzo wins the match two falls to one.

Thoughts: Unlike most Iron Man matches I’ve seen in the past there is no constant clock or scorecard shown on the screen, with the timer appearing only periodically. Both competitors trade momentum back and forth into the first break, and we are without a fall coming back from the break around the 18-minute mark. Purrazzo takes a long advantage working over Grace’s arms and shoulders to allow for her trademark Fujiwara armbars. Back to commercial shortly after the 15-minute halfway point with no falls for either Knockout. Purrazzo absolutely dissecting Grace’s limbs, almost a la a Zack Sabre match. Grace finally able to get some offense in with a snap superplex with 7 minutes remaining.

First fall: Jordynne Grace locks in a rear naked choke putting Purrazzo to sleep with roughly four and a half minutes remaining.

Grace goes for a splash in the corner but Purrazzo pulls in the referee who goes down. Grace hits the Grace Driver and gets the visual fall but no referee to get the count.

Second Fall: Purrazzo ties the falls after clocking Grace with the Knockouts Championship while the referee is out.

Both Knockouts kick it into overdrive as the match hits the closing minute.

Third Fall: Purrazzo locks in the Venus De Milo double Fujiwara armbar and Grace taps out with only 3 seconds left.


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