IMPACT! Wrestling recap and results (09-08-2020)

Witness the aftermath from last week’s historic edition of IMPACT!, as “The World-Class Maniac” Eric Young kicks off this week’s show after dethroning Eddie Edwards to capture the coveted IMPACT World Championship. Moose is on a mission to track down EC3 and the TNA World Heavyweight Title. The IMPACT World Tag Team Titles are on the line, as The Motor City Machine Guns defend against Dez & Wentz of The Rascalz. Chris Bey goes one-on-one with TJP in a clash of high-flying X-Division stars. Plus Madison Rayne hosts a new edition of Locker Room Talk with Kylie Rae and Susie.

The show begins with a recap of last week’s show, focusing on Moose’s search for EC3 and the TNA World Heavyweight Title, then the IMPACT World Championship match with Eric Young defeating Eddie Edwards to become the new Champion and his post-match attack on Eddie Edwards.

As always, our commentary team is Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne.

The new IMPACT World Champion Eric Young comes to the ring to cut a promo. He discusses Rich Swann pinning him at Slammiversary and how that set everything into motion, and that everything that has happened has been by design. He is interrupted by the wife of Eddie Edwards, Alisha Edwards. She calls him a coward and tells him that Eddie is a fighter and he will come back. She blames him for the fact that Eddie can’t even take their little one at home for walks. Young tells her he doesn’t care and he slaps him in the face. Young goes to piledrive Alisha but Tommy Dreamer makes the save with a kendo stick, running Young off. Dreamer calls the people Young has hurt his family, saying they all stayed when Young left. Dreamer challenges Young to try and end his career and Young tells him IMPACT belongs to him and he will end Dreamer’s career later tonight.

Matthews and Rayne run down the card for tonight and a new edition of Locker Room Talk with Susie and Kylie Rae.

We see video of Moose getting on an airplane (wearing his mask like a responsible citizen!) and the airplane taking off before going to break.

Rosemary, John E Bravo and Taya Valkyrie are together discussing their new arrangements. Taya and Bravo will be handling the arrangements for the wedding while Rosemary focuses on resurrecting someone who has the ability to officiate a demon wedding.

Singles Match – Chris Bey vs. TJP

Result: TJP wins via pinfall.

Thoughts: With both men vying for a shot at Rohit Raju’s X Division Championship, they waste no time jumping into a fast-paced back and forth match. A few minutes in Rohit comes to ringside to watch and clearly seems happy that he has worked these two against one another. Bey continues to be a must watch as both he and TJP trade submissions, which doesn’t work in Bey’s favor as TJP has a much higher submission rating. Bey goes for a springboard stunner that TJP quickly reverses into an armbar that Bey flows into a tight pin for a near fall. TJP reverses a sunset flip into his own pin to grab the three count.

We go backstage for Locker Room Talk where Madison Rayne welcomes Johnny Swinger back to the program and introduces Kylie Rae and Susie. Madison asks Kylie if she went to Wrestle House in an effort to dodge Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna and Kimber Lee interrupt and challenge Kylie and Susie for a Tag Team match next week. After they leave Madison tells Kylie and Susie they can leave too and wraps up this edition of Locker Room Talk.

Bravo is backstage trying to make plans for the wedding when he is interrupted by Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz. They ask if they are on the guest list and he tells them that Taya is handling all of that. They tell him that he needs to learn to stand on his own regardless of what Taya says and thinks.

‘The Most Professional Wrestler’ Brian Myers makes his way to the ring and calls out Willie Mack saying they got off on the wrong foot. He says there is a time-honored tradition in the business called the handshake and he wants Mack to come out and shake his hand. Willie says he didn’t come out to shake his hand but that he has been granted a rematch right now. Myers says he isn’t in his gear and isn’t ready or a match but Mack tells him a professional will always have his gear.

Singles Match – Willie Mack vs. Brian Myers

Result: Brian Myers wins via pinfall.

Thoughts: An absolute spotlight for the talented Mack. He throws Myers around, even hitting a dive over the top rope onto Myers on the floor. Myers finally gets a little offense after throwing Mack into the ring apron. If there is anything that Myers has that is shining through in this new portion of his career, it has to be his in-ring trash talking. Both Mack and the referee get an earful. Following a low blow, Myers nails an Impaler DDT to steal the win.

Jordynne Grace is interviewed backstage and talks about how Tenille Dashwood just shows back up after months of absence and thinks she deserves a shot. She says we need to ask her right now and takes the cameraman with her to Tenille’s locker room. The door is answered by Kaleb (with a K) who is her PP, Personal Photographer. We get a series of photographs stating Tenille will return next week, leaving Jordynne to scoff and walk away.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are backstage chatting when Taya Valkyrie approaches them and runs them down for talking to Bravo. Things break down with Taya challenging Steelz to a match tonight.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match – The Motor City Machine Guns (C) vs. The Rascalz

Result: The Motor City Machine Guns win via pinfall.

Thoughts: A rematch from Slammiversary which also happened to be the Machine Guns first match back in IMPACT. Dez and Wentz immediately go on the attack before Shelly and Sabin can even get in the ring. Once the Guns regain the momentum, they work down the legs of Wentz to the point that he collapses following an irish whip to the corner. Constant innovative offense working down the knees of Wentz as both Sabin and Shelly cut the ring in half and stay between The Rascalz preventing the tag. This is likely the most dominant the Machine Guns have looked in this run yet still making the Rascalz look great like they belonged in the ring with them. Can somebody please book the Machine Guns and FTR like yesterday? The Machine Guns win the bout and are attacked by The North immediately following the pinfall. Madman Fulton and Ace Austin run down and help attack the Machine Guns. Following a standoff between Fulton and Alexander, Ethan Page calms them down and says that each team can have one to beat on. Finally the Good Brothers enter and clear the ring of The North and Austin/Fulton. Dez jumps over the top onto the heels but is caught, until Wentz jumps on everyone clearing them all out. In the end, The Rascalz, The Machine Guns and The Good Brothers all stand in the ring. The tag division is absolutely stacked and there are so many different options heading into Bound For Glory and I’m interested to see where they go.

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes are backstage gloating about their beatdown on Sami Callihan last week. They announce the premiere of The Whole F’n Talk Show for next week and make out before heading to break.

Sami Callihan cuts a promo about how he beat Rob Van Dam last week but still got beat down after the match due to the numbers. He says since Katie Forbes has his number he promises not to hack their talk show next week as he has other plans.

Singles Match – Tasha Steelz (with Kiera Hogan) vs. Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo)

Result: Taya Valkyrie wins via pinfall.

Thoughts: A lot of trash talking while Bravo works on planning his wedding on the outside allowing Hogan to trip up Taya giving Steelz the advantage. Taya uses her power to take back the advantage while Hogan continues to taunt her about how Bravo planning the wedding is more important than she is. The Knockouts seem to almost be moving in slow motion at points to allow the story on the outside to prevail until Taya again uses her power to get the win. Hogan and Steelz double team Taya following the match until Bravo finally gets off the phone and helps run them off.

We see Moose talking to his old coach asking about if he’s seen EC3. His coach tells him to always remember what he told him….”Control your narrative. You have been warned.” Moose then beats up a couple of randoms in black hoodies as we cut away.

The IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment Of The Week heads back to IMPACT on 08/11/2016 for a tag match between EC3 and Eddie Edwards against Mike Bennett and Moose. Moose hits the Go To Hell on Edwards for the finish, but Bennett tagged himself in just to get the pin.

Outside the building Rhino and Heath meet up. Rhino tells Heath that he upset management last week and is no closer to getting #Heath4IMPACT. Heath says he can run more ads but the cost is adding up and he needs money. Rhino says he knows exactly where he can get some cold, hard cash.

Back to Matthews and Rayne, who announce matches for next week including Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae & Susie, Brian Myers again facing off against Willie Mack, XXXL facing the Deaners, Taya against Kiera Hogan and a huge 8-man tag match pitting The North with Ace Austin & Madman Fulton against The Rascalz & The Motor City Machine Guns.

Old School Rules Non-Title Match – Eric Young (C) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Result: Eric Young wins via pinfall.

Thoughts: Right off the hop, the announcement that it is a non-title match tips the hand that Young is at risk of losing, especially since he entered first as Champion. Things immediately take a turn towards the hardcore side of things, with weapons scattered throughout. Young takes control after a nasty bump off the top and starts dissecting Dreamer. Dreamer misses a shot with the kendo stick allowing Young to take out his knee and lock in a kneebar. Dreamer uses the kendo stick to break the hold but Young stays in control until he gets tossed into a garbage can in the corner leading to a DDT. Dreamer brings in a table and positions it in the corner and Young low blows him. Young goes up top but Dreamer hits the ropes crotching him. As Dreamer goes for a Death Valley Driver Young grabs the hockey mask. He nails Dreamer with the mask and then a piledriver to get the 3 count. Young wraps the chair around Dreamer’s leg for a Pillmanizer and hits it several times with the kendo stick. Rich Swann hobbles to the ring and nails Young with a crutch running him off. The two jaw jack with one another as the show fades to black.

Another solid show from IMPACT, but it looks like next week will be even bigger and crazier, so be sure to join me next week for more!

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