IMPACT! Wrestling Recap and Results – 09-22-2020

Witness the fallout from last week’s main event announcement for BOUND FOR GLORY, as World Champion Eric Young puts his title on the line against the man he tried to sideline indefinitely — Rich Swann. Sami Callihan can get five minutes alone with Katie Forbes if he defeats Rob Van Dam when they go one-on-one in the latest chapter of their rivalry. In 3 Way match with the winner earning an X-Division title shot against Rohit Raju, former Champion Chris Bey takes on Trey Miguel and TJP. The Knockouts are in action, as Kimber Lee will have Champion Deonna Purrazzo in her corner when she takes on Susie with No. 1 contender Kylie Rae by her side. Tenille Dashwood, accompanied by her personal photographer Kaleb, will make her long-awaited return to in-ring competition when she faces Jordynne Grace. Plus we’ll hear from EC3, who continues his quest to destroy his past, Moose and the TNA World Championship.

The show begins this week with a recap of EC3 tormenting Moose over the TNA World Championship and the big announcement of the Bound For Glory main event between Rich Swann and the IMPACT World Champion Eric Young.

As always our commentary team is Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne.

Triple Threat Match for an X-Divison Championship Match – Chris Bey vs. TJP vs. Trey Miguel

Result: Trey Miguel wins via pinfall on TJP after the Fresh Prince of Mid-Air finisher.

Thoughts: Three of the best talents of any division in all of IMPACT, a lot on the line as the winner will immediately face Rohit Raju for the X Division Championship. Before the match begins Rohit Raju makes his way to ringside to watch the action up close. No time wasted as the bell rings and all three men get to work. A lot of crazy action and innovation between the three men, with the highlight being TJP locking Trey in a sharpshooter and Bey in a camel clutch at the same time! TJP on constant offense, hitting the Three Amigos at one point. The ending comes when TJP has Bey locked in a knee bar and Trey nails the Fresh Prince Of Mid-Air (an on the ground meteora from the top rope) on TJP for the pin. I can safely say that unless NXT or AEW presents some kind of barn burner this week that this is easily the best match you will see this week, if not this entire month of September!

X-Division Championship Match – Rohit Raju (C) vs. Trey Miguel

Result: Rohit Raju wins via pinfall with a roll-up and a hand full of tights.

Thoughts: The match begins immediately at Rohit’s behest and he immediately rolls up the winded Trey Miguel for the win. A great way to keep the cowardly heel and the conquering babyface strong leading into whatever is planned for Bound For Glory.

We go to a pre-recorded vignette of IMPACT World Champion Eric Young talking about how his conscience will remain clear and everything that happens going forward is on the heads of Scott D’Amore and Rich Swann.

Gia Miller is backstage and knocks on the dressing room door of Tenille Dashwood but is greeted by Kaleb (with a K!). She asks if Tenille is here and is informed she is going through Bee Venom Therapy before Tenille opens the door and makes a statement that Kaleb says translates to her winning tonight.

Josh and Madison run down the card for the night.

Knockouts Match – Kimber Lee (with IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Susie (with Kylie Rae)

Result: Susie wins via pinfall with the Panic Switch.

Thoughts: A standard back and forth match until the Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo takes a few shots at Susie on the outside leading into the break. Returning from break Kimber Lee is in firm control and continues to pick Susie apart. The commentary team discusses what allows Susie to turn into Su Yung and continue pushing the idea that Kylie Rae doesn’t know Susie’s evil alter ego and it will end up hurting her in the long run. Susie finally gets the hot comeback but Kim cuts her off reversing a hurricanrana attempt. Purrazzo tries interfering again but it backfires leading to Susie hitting the Panic Switch for the win. She teases turning into Su Yung but Kylie talks her down. Purrazzo attacks Kylie but Susie fights her off until she gets locked into an armbar and Kylie makes the save. Kylie gets on the mic and makes the challenge for her earned title shot at Bound For Glory.

We see Heath outside and he announces that he no longer has a last name as a billionaire is keeping it in a safe. He talks about needing a job because he has kids and we see them asking for a pool. He says he can go anywhere he wants (before a security guard tells him he isn’t welcome). We see Rhino in the wild before he cuts a promo saying that Rhino needs #Heath4IMPACT to help him. They throw to some Cameo videos featuring David Hasselhoff, Flava Flav, Nancy Kerrigan and friggin’ Chuck Norris cutting promos to get Heath hired. We even get D’Lo Brown talking about Heath getting his truck repossessed. It ends with Heath’s actual kids telling Scott D’Amore to hire Heath. All jokes aside this is seriously one of the best wrestling hype/promo videos I can recall in years, and I am literally in tears from watching it. All I can say is, #Heath4IMPACT needs to happen now.

Backstage we get the Motor City Machine Guns dropping a Simpsons reference (so I says to Mabel I says) before they are approached by the Good Brothers. The Good Brothers say they are owed a thank you for filling in for the Rascalz. The Rascalz show up and say they aren’t ‘young boys’ and can hang with anyone. They say they earned the Machine Guns’ respect and will do the same with the Good Brothers, challenging them to a match. The Machine Guns egg everyone on and it looks like the match will be official.

Our IMPACT! Plus Flashback Moment Of The Week is from Bound For Glory 2013 with the main event between AJ Styles and Bully Ray. AJ hits the Spiral Tap on the Bully on the exposed ring to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

EC3 cuts a promo about everyone coming together and controlling our narratives. We need to come together and help Moose with his TNA World Championship thievery and gives out Moose’s telephone number for anyone to help with relevant details to the case. You have been warned.

Rosemary and Taya are backstage with Taya asking Rosemary why she wasn’t at ringside. Rosemary says she was unconscious backstage since Taya didn’t help with Havok. She says that in order for them to work together, they need to help each other with their problems. Rosemary brings up Bravo needing help with the wedding and Taya says he has everything under control and has become his own man.

We cut to Bravo backstage announcing that all of the people are part of the groomsmen. The Deaners, Fallah Bahh, Crazzy Steve, Johnny Swinger and Alisha Edwards. Alisha says she should be a part of the bridal party but Bravo blows her off. Everyone says they want to have a bachelor party and cut loose but Bravo says they need to focus on the wedding. He tells Cody Deaner that he should be thankful because if Bravo hadn’t brought him to WrestleHouse that he wouldn’t even be relevant. Cody says he has a match tonight and needs to leave but Bravo tells them to come right back. Swinger takes exception to Fallah being the best man and they exchange words. Tommy Dreamer shows up from around the corner yelling “MATCH TIME” but Bravo tells him this isn’t WrestleHouse and to take that crap to the 2300 Arena.

Brian Myers is backstage and Gia Miller asks him how he feels about losing to Willie Mack last week. He says he already beat him twice but she notes that he cheated and he flips the catering table. Tommy Dreamer shows up and tells him to stop acting like this because this is a new start and they get into each other’s faces. Myers agrees to clean it up but tells Dreamer that even though he is his ‘wrestling father’ the next time he sees him he better walk the other way.

Cody Deaner comes out for his match accompanied by Cousin Jake but Eric Young attacks both men with the IMPACT World Championship Title and proceeds to beat the hell out of Cody Deaner all around ringside. They move into the ring and Cody fights back briefly before EY nails the piledriver to put Deaner away. He locks in an ankle lock but Cousin Jake makes his way to the ring to make the save. He fights off the Champ and gets him out of the ring. Jake goes to check on Cody and Young makes his way back into the ring and decimates Jake with a piledriver. Young crawls to the camera and tells Swann and Scott that this is their fault. He grabs the mic and asks Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, and Scott D’Amore if they are watching and tells them that all of this is their fault and it is on them. Both Deaners keep trying to get to their feet and at Young but he continues beating them down. This is all by design and it is Eric Young’s world now. Security finally intervenes but are unable to get in the ring as Young fights them off. Jake gets locked in the ankle lock and Scott D’Amore finally comes to the ring and tells Young to break the hold. He physically breaks the hold and tries talking sense into Young. EY gets D’Amore into the corner and Eddie Edwards comes to the ring hobbling and attacks the champion finally getting him to leave the ring.

Eddie Edwards gets in D’Amore’s face about his rematch and he is told he will get his rematch at Victory Road which will be on IMPACT! Plus on October 3rd.

Singles Match – Rob Van Dam (with Katie Forbes) vs. Sami Callihan – If RVD wins Katie Forbes gets 5 minutes alone with Sami Callihan

Result: RVD wins via pinfall with a roll-up.

Thoughts: This feud has been going for some time now and has revived Callihan’s old NXT gimmick of being a hacker when he was known as Solomon Crowe. The match kicks off outside the ring with Callihan throwing RVD into the ringside barriers and talking tons of trash to Forbes. They finally go to get into the ring but Forbes grabs Callihan’s ankle allowing RVD to hit him from the apron to the barricade. RVD nails a Rolling Thunder on the floor. They finally enter the ring and the bell rings making the match official. Commentary is really pushing that Father Time has begun catching up to RVD and is costing him wins that he should have, especially his recent World Title match against Eddie Edwards. Anyone with a functioning brain and eyes would probably attribute more of his issues to Katie Forbes constantly on the outside, something that doesn’t seem to be set to change anytime soon. An awkward moment on commentary where Matthews calls Callihan getting his foot on the rope before he actually does so. Callihan almost puts RVD away before Forbes causes a distraction and sprays what appears to be hairspray in Callihan’s eyes leading to a rollup from RVD.

RVD and Forbes beat down Callihan before Forbes says she’s got this. Callihan almost hits a piledriver but RVD interferes. While Forbes continues just stomping at Callihan (I’m not sure if she is actually capable of anything other than stomps and twerks) RVD brings in a chair. RVD goes for a 5-Star Frogsplash but Callihan throws the chair into his face knocking him to the outside. He grabs Forbes and hits a piledriver on her, seemingly putting an end to this feud so that we can all be thankful.

Gia is backstage with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton and asks about his win last week. He says since he got the pin that should make them next in line for the titles, but they are interrupted by The North. Fulton and Page get in each other’s faces and it looks like we are getting a match between the two next

week. Anytime The North are on my screen I am happy so this should be a good one.

We get an expanded take on the recent commercials for Bound For Glory expanding on Eric Young and his character and motives.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne run down the card for next week including Johnny Swinger against Fallah Bahh with the winner getting to be John E. Bravo’s best man, Knockouts Tag Team action as Rosemary & Taya team up against Havok and Nevaeh, The Rascalz face The Good Brothers and The North going up against Ace Austin & Madman Fulton.

Knockouts Match – Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K)

Result: Tenille Dashwood wins via pinfall after the Spotlight Kick.

Thoughts: Before the match Kaleb with a K interrupts David Penzer and makes the official introduction for Tenille Dashwood, noting she has more Instagram followers than anyone else in the company. Penzer does get to make the introduction for Jordynne Grace following the break. A little to slow to begin with some early domination by Grace until a missed baseball slide allows Tenille to take control. Tenille seems to have an answer for everything Grace does, reversing and taking control anytime Jordynne almost hits a move, all while Kaleb takes photos on his phone from the outside. Grace finally gets a bit of a comeback nailing a nasty looking Michinoku Driver. Tenille blocks a superplex leaving Grace in position for a double stomp off the top rope. A series of reversals leading to Grace nailing a spinebuster that would make Arn Anderson proud. Jordynne goes for the Grace Driver but Kaleb gets on the apron causing the distraction, leading to Tenille being able to hit the Spotlight Kick for the win.

The show ends with a Tenille photoshoot in the ring with Kaleb before we see Eddie Edwards leaving the arena. The lights go out and we hear a collision and the lights come back on to reveal Eddie laid out as the show goes to black.

A lot of story and character progression on tonight’s show which seemed a little lacking on action compared to recent weeks, but next week’s card looks to rectify that, so be sure to join me next week for more IMPACT!


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