IMPACT! Wrestling Recap and Results – 10/13/2020

The fate of the main event at BOUND FOR GLORY will be decided this week on IMPACT!, as we’ll find out if Rich Swann will be cleared for his showdown with World Champion Eric Young. In a battle of behemoths, Doc Gallows goes one-on-one with Madman Fulton in a preview of what we might see in the 4 Way Tag Team Championship clash at BOUND FOR GLORY. Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo will accompany Kimber Lee into battle when she takes on No. 1 contender Kylie Rae. The heated rivalry continues between Moose and EC3, who tossed the TNA World Championship in the river last week. Plus a 3 Way Knockouts tag team encounter pitting Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Havok & Nevaeh.

The show begins with a recap of Rich Swann doing his physical therapy in preparation for his IMPACT World Championship match at Bound For Glory and Eric Young attacking him. The recap then covers last week’s main event match between the Motor City Machine Guns and Ace Austin & Madman Fulton before wrapping up with EC3 tossing the TNA Heavyweight Championship belt off a bridge.

The show begins with Moose freaking out at Scott D’Amore over the whole situation. Moose tells Scott he needs his help but D’Amore says he is waiting for a call from Rich Swann’s doctor with an update. Moose walks away and EC3 appears via video again with the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Moose says he knows where he needs to go in preparation for his match at Bound For Glory with EC3 in an undisclosed location.

As always our commentary team is Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne.

3 – Way Knockouts Tag Team Match – Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Result: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie win via pinfall when Rosemary pins Tasha Steelz.

Thoughts: A match that has been in the building for weeks we finally get all three teams officially in the ring against each other. A lot of the early part of the match is contested between Rosemary/Taya and Havok/Nevaeh with Steelz & Hogan wisely letting them beat each other up and staying fresh on the outside. As expected the match breaks down a few times before it finally ends with Rosemary hitting her version of the Wing Clipper on Tasha Steelz for the victory.

Josh and Madison run down the card for tonight and Bound For Glory, including the return of the Call Your Shot gauntlet.

Backstage John E. Bravo is freaking out at all the WrestleHouse compatriots about the wedding. Fallah Bahh shows up and Alisha asks if he got the money and he says no. Johnny Swinger gives him grief and Fallah asks him what he has done to which he replies that he “beat Buddy Landel in Mid Atlantic.” Crazzy Steve tries to bring peace and Fallah tells him he is nothing but Swinger’s young boy and tells him he will see him in the ring. Bravo freaks out saying the wedding is in two weeks and leaves. Cousin Jake tries to get everyone to rehearse a dance number but they all blow him off.

Havok is backstage when Rosemary warps in the room. Rosemary tells Havok that she needs her help to resurrect Father James Mitchell. Havok tells her they will have a match next week where if Rosemary wins she will help resurrect Mitchell but if Havok wins she has to leave her alone.

Singles Match – Fallah Bahh vs. Crazzy Steve

Result: Crazzy Steve wins via pinfall with a roll-up.

Thoughts: For a second I felt like I completely imagined Fallah having gotten the wad of cash from Hernandez last week but as he enters the arena its clear is holding onto it under his chest. Crazzy Steve tries the Johnny Swinger dancing and offers ‘monkey see, monkey do’ in an effort to get Fallah to take off his shirt and reveal he has the money. He continually yells “do the right thing!” over and over at Bahh. Steve falls out of a Samoan drop and rips off Fallah’s shirt revealing the wad of cash and rolls Fallah up for the victory. Not sure exactly what is going on with Fallah and his refusal to give up the money but we will see where it goes.

Heath is backstage and Rhino tells him that he pulled some strings and got him into the Call Your Shot gauntlet at Bound For Glory. He says if either of them win the match that Heath will not only get an IMPACT contract but he will get the one that he requested with the bigger money. He tells Heath that they are both in a match tonight with implications for the Gauntlet so he needs to get his gear ready. Scott D’Amore comes out of his office and commends Rhino for being a good friend but asks him if he is going to tell Heath the other part of the deal, which is if neither of them win, not only does Heath not get a contract and has to leave IMPACT permanently but Rhino will also give up his contract as well.

Back from break and Kaleb (with a K!) is in the ring to introduce Tenille Dashwood as part of the 10-person tag match with Call Your Shot Gauntlet implications.

The match tonight will see the winning team go into a 5-way match next week with the winner of that match will be given the coveted Number 20 spot in the gauntlet match giving them a huge advantage. The teams tonight were chosen completely at random.

10 Person Tag Match – Tenille Dashwood, Tommy Dreamer, Brian Myers, Cody Deaner & Johnny Swinger vs. Hernandez, Cousin Jake, Alisha Edwards, Rhino & Heath

Result: Hernandez, Cousin Jake, Alisha Edwards, Rhino & Heath win via pinfall when Heath pins Johnny Swinger.

Thoughts: First and foremost, in the entire time I’ve been covering IMPACT since Slammiversary this is the first time I’ve seen Hernandez even near the ring. Swinger and Heath look to start the match but Swinger tags out to Tenille right away and so Heath tags in Alisha and the action begins. We eventually end up with Cody Deaner and Rhino with Cody starting his own ECW chant. We end up with Cousin Jake in the ring with Tommy Dreamer leading to another ECW chant. At some point we might even get some wrestling in this match. In the end Heath nails the Wake Up Call on Johnny Swinger to win the match.

Eddie Edwards is backstage and Sami Callihan pushes him and asks him how his ankle is feeling. They get into it when Shamrock shows up (in sandals!) and locks in the Ankle Lock while Sami films it all on his phone to put on Twitter. Sami gets in a shot before they leave Eddie on the ground holding his ankle.

Jimmy Jacobs talks to Eric Young about Rich Swann being cleared to compete at Bound For Glory. Young gets in Jacobs’ face and asks him what he thinks. Jacobs says that Rich is very resilient and Young advises him that Rich has never dealt with someone like him. He says he is going to go to the ring and get some answers.

Knockouts Match – Kylie Rae vs. Kimber Lee (w/ Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo)

Result: Kylie Rae wins via submission with a Crossface.

Thoughts: Another match to help the build to Bound For Glory, much of the match focused on the newfound edge of Kylie Rae leading into her big Knockouts Championship match. Purrazzo on the outside causing the distraction whenever she can but Kylie does well until an attempted hurricanrana that ends in her being powerbombed on the apron (it’s the hardest part of the ring!!!). Some good technical wrestling from both Lee and Rae as both women absolutely know what they are doing in the ring. Another distraction from Purrazzo leads to a sloppy looking roll up but Kylie transitions it nicely into a crossface for the submission victory. Rae refuses to release the hold and is attacked by the Knockouts Champion but Rae lands a super kick and stands tall while Purrazzo retreats to the back.

We get the official announcement of the wedding for John E. Bravo and Rosemary two weeks away on the October 27th edition of IMPACT.

Before the battle of the big men, The Good Brothers discuss coming to IMPACT and how they know they are the best at everything they do, but they need the belts to be the very best and so they will walk out of Bound For Glory as the Champions.

Singles Match – Doc Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson) vs. Madman Fulton (w/ Ace Austin)

Result: Doc Gallows wins via pinfall following a double handed chokeslam onto two steel chairs.

Thoughts: A battle of the two biggest men in the big four-way tag team championship match at Bound For Glory. An absolute brawl between the two from the ring and up the ramp, with both men being counted out as they continue to brawl into the break. Coming back from break, the match has been changed to a no count out and no disqualification match as both men are in the crowd area and Fulton beats down Gallows with a pipe and a trash can. The match turns into an old-school weapon filled brawl that ends with Gallows hitting a double handed chokeslam onto two perched steel chairs for the win.

Josh and Madison run down the card so far for Bound For Glory as well as what we can expect to see next week, including the match between Hernandez, Cousin Jake, Rhino, Alisha Edwards and Heath where the winner will receive the number 20 spot, but the person who is pinned will enter at number one. Eddie Edwards will face Sami Callihan next week as well as a 6 person tag pitting Chris Bey, Rohit Raju & Jordynne Grace against Trey Miguel, TJP & Willie Mack. The North will face off with The Good Brothers in tag team action next week which should be a treat.

The IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young makes his entrance to the ring. He says as the World Champion he should not be wondering what is happening only 11 days out from Bound For Glory. Young says he will not leave the ring until he gets answers. We cut backstage to Scott D’Amore watching on TV who finally receives the call regarding Swann’s status and we head to break.

Back from break and Young is still pacing in the ring as Scott D’Amore makes his way to the ring. Young taunts D’Amore as he enters the ring. D’Amore reveals that Swann’s orthopedic surgeon confirmed that Young did additional and substantial damage to Swann’s ankle. D’Amore brings up his long history with Eric Young, from meeting him as a teenager to their days together in Team Canada in the early days of TNA all the way to the present. He advises Young that despite the damage done, Swann is a special kind of athlete and will be at Bound For Glory to compete for the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship and that he hopes he wipes the smug smirk off of his face. Young attacks immediately beating D’Amore into the corner. He locks in a heel hook before Rich Swann appears out of nowhere and runs Young off, leaving Swann in the ring holding the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship.

We cut away to Moose pulling up to a bridge where EC3 stands with the TNA World Championship. The two exchange words back and forth with EC3 telling Moose that he is a culmination of every wrestler he has ever liked and there is nothing original about him. EC3 lays down the title and tells Moose to cross the line and the two come to blows, beating the hell out of one another while music plays in the background. EC3 asks Moose again who he is and says he wanted to have the fight of his life but that was all he got. “It wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t so sad.” Moose beats EC3 down to a bloody pulp and walks away with the TNA World Championship belt as the show goes off the air and we see EC3 laughing.

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