IMPACT! Wrestling Recap and Results (11/17/2020)

Witness the fallout from TURNING POINT live on IMPACT Plus, as IMPACT! emanates from Nashville, featuring the continuation of the investigation into who shot John E. Bravo. Find out if Rich Swann or Sami Callihan emerged as IMPACT World Champion and who prevailed in the Knockouts Championship clash between Su Yung and Deonna Purrazzo. In a battle of behemoths, Hernandez goes one-on-one with Fallah Bahh. The Rascalz make their final appearance for IMPACT Wrestling in a “Match of the Year” candidate, as Dez & Wentz take on the team of Trey Miguel & Rich Swann. Plus the Knockouts Tag Team Championship tournament kicks off on the road to HARD TO KILL in January.

The show begins with a recap of Turning Point featuring Deonna Purrazzo regaining the Knockouts Championship from Su Yung, Rohit Raju successfully defending the X Division Title against Cousin Jake and the aftermath of Eric Young bringing out Joe Doering to destroy the Deaners. The Good Brothers defeating The North to become the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions and finally Rich Swann defending the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship against Sami Callihan.

Our commentary team as always is Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne.

No DQ Singles Match – Moose vs. Willie Mack

Result: Moose wins via referee stoppage.

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Thoughts: Moose has been trying to send a message to IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Rich Swann by dismantling his friend Willie Mack, and Mack comes out of the gate hot. Moose takes back control quickly and whips Mack around the ringside area into the guard rails. Moose has completely changed since his battles with EC3 that culminated at Bound For Glory. Absolute domination from Moose who takes his time to chat into the camera warning Rich Swann what true pain is. Willie able to put together a bit of a comeback but misses a big frog splash giving the advantage back to Moose. Mack with a stunner but Moose bounces off the ropes into a giant spear. Moose on top of Mack with repeated forearms and elbows until the referee calls it as Willie is out cold. Moose takes a few more shots and then calls for his music to be played as he stands tall.

Josh and Madison run down the card for tonight’s show including the beginning of the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament.

We go to the Treehouse with the Rascalz discussing their eviction and some of their past exploits. 

The Deaners join Tommy Dreamer to discuss the investigation of who shot John E. Bravo. Cody Deaner strongly implies that Dreamer needs to investigate Johnny Swinger and his fanny pack.

Singles Match – Suicide vs. Gio

Result: No Contest due to interference from Joe Doering.

Thoughts: If you told me almost 15 years ago that a character created as nothing more than a Create A Wrestler for the TNA Impact game would still be going in 2020 I’d have laughed in your face. Eric Young brings out Joe Doering who destroys both wrestlers. Young gets on the mic and reiterates that this world belongs to them. While not overly familiar with Doering’s work, he looks like he has the potential to be a star.

Gia Miller is backstage with the new Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee. They discuss the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament and the screen goes crazy then settles with a message on the mirror stating that “Next Week Ur Time Haz Come.”

Heath and Rhino are backstage talking when Rhino leaves the room and approaches Eric Young and Joe Doering. He warns them before they beat him down, leaving Heath defenseless as the two men trap him in the room.

Singles Match – Brian Myers vs. Crazzy Steve

Result: Brian Myers wins via pinfall following a clothesline.

Thoughts: A match that came as a result of Steve making the save for Swoggle at Turning Point when Myers continued beating him down following their match. Some back and forth with Myers holding the slight edge as the show goes to break. Back from break and Myers has Steve down on the mat keeping him grounded. Steve able to put together a bit of offense but gets put down in the end by a big clothesline from Myers.

The IMPACT! Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is from November 3rd, 2011 as Gail Kim & Madison Rayne battle Brooke Tessmacher & Tara in Knockouts Tag Team action. Tara hits the Widow’s Peak on Madison Rayne but Karen Jarrett (there’s a blast from the past!) distracts referee Earl Hebner allowing Gail Kim to attack Tara to give the win and the Knockouts Tag Team Titles to Kim and Rayne.

Tommy Dreamer is joined backstage by Johnny Swinger for further investigations. Dreamer tells Swinger he needs to go through his fanny pack. Swinger tells him he has all his gimmicks in there, and even pulls out a gun and says he has a box cutter. Dreamer tells him he is guilty  and next week will see the return of Wrestler’s Court as the Boys versus Johnny Swinger!

Kaleb (with a K!) is in the ring to introduce Tenille Dashwood to the ring.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarter-Final Match: Tenille Dashwood & Alisha Edwards (with Kaleb [with a K!]) vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Result: Havok & Nevaeh win via pinfall following a wheelbarrow cutter on Alisha.

Thoughts: The first match of this much-hyped tournament sees a make-shift team facing a well-established team, putting Tenille & Alisha at a big disadvantage. Tenille gets a decent amount of offense in on Nevaeh, but loses her focus in favor of posing for shots that Kaleb (with a K!) is taking on the outside. As soon as Havok enters the match Tenille tags in Alisha, who gets tossed around the ring like a ragdoll. While Alisha gets beaten up and down through the ring by both of her opponents, Tenille poses for more photos on the outside. Alisha goes for a wheelbarrow style move on Havok and Nevaeh enters with a cutter which is enough for the pinfall. Havok & Nevaeh will now face the winners of the match between Killer Kelly & Renee Michelle against Jordynne Grace and her mystery partner.

Backstage Jordynne Grace is on the phone with who will be her mystery partner who has evidently recently retired but agreed to be her partner.

Singles Match – Hernandez vs. Fallah Bahh

Result: Hernandez wins via pinfall after a top rope splash.

Thoughts: A match once again over the wad of cash. A complete hoss battle as both men bounce off the ropes into one another. Hernandez showing more agility than he has in the past six months flying over the top rope onto Fallah on the ramp. Smooth work by the commentary team bringing up the wad of cash as they transition to talking about the Black Friday sales on And yes, I would ironically accept a signed Josh Matthews 8×10 as an Xmas present. Hernandez slingshots Fallah off the ropes and nails a beautiful top rope splash for the pinfall victory.

Scott D’Amore is with the X Division Champion Rohit Raju who is complaining about Eric Young and Joe Doering stealing his spotlight at Turning Point, leading to D’Amore complaining it makes him miss the Austin Aries days. Raju leaves and TJP approaches and they discuss how TJP cannot challenge for the title while Rohit is Champion. Scott wonders aloud what Dusty Rhodes would do, heavily implying that TJP should go under a different persona in order to challenge Rohit for the strap. I foresee a return to Suicide for TJP.

A video package for The Good Brothers is shown culminating in their Tag Team Title victory this past Saturday night at Turning Point.

The Good Brothers are backstage with Scott D’Amore and are approached by Ethan Page. Anderson and Gallows say Page can have his rematch if Ethan can beat a “Phenomenal” opponent of their choosing. Not sure where they are headed with this one but it should be interesting.

Josh and Madison run down next week’s card including the continuation of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament and Rich Swann will defend the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship against Ken Shamrock. The two take a moment to discuss their love of the Rascalz as they head to the ring for their final match in IMPACT.

Tag Team Match – Dez & Wentz vs. Trey Miguel & Rich Swann

Result: Rich Swann & Trey Miguel win via pinfall following a superkick to the back of the head on Dez.

Thoughts: All three members of the Rascalz enter together for their final match in IMPACT before being joined by the IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Rich Swann. Not going to lie, this is a huge blow to the IMPACT roster as all three members of the Rascalz have a huge upside. I’ve made no secret my admiration and love of Trey Miguel, but Dez & Wentz are a great tag team as well. All four match dance together before a commercial break as the match begins coming back from break. Wentz and Trey go blow for blow matching each other at every turn. Swann and Dez enter the match and do much of the same, a lot of showing off that I can only imagine would piss off Jim Cornette. Back from the final commercial break and the match has picked up steam with all four guys really giving it their all including a lot of very innovative double team maneuvers. A fun spot where all four men go ‘around the world’ with punches then a four-way superkick. Trey hits a top rope meteora on Dez and Swann lands the superkick to the back of the head for the pinfall victory. All four men shedding tears in an emotional moment as all four men raise arms in the ring and hugs are exchanged. The Rascalz take their jackets and leave them on the top rope as they leave the ring.

Thank you Dez, Wentz and Trey for all you did here in IMPACT. I look forward to following your careers from here, wherever you go next. 

Of course, this is professional wrestling, and all three Rascalz and Swann are attacked backstage by Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan.

Kyle’s Pick Of The Week

Dez & Wentz vs. Trey Miguel & Rich Swann – As if there was any doubt, these four guys all went out and tore it up as the Rascalz say goodbye.


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