IMPACT! Wrestling Recap and Results – 12/1/2020

The end of 2020 approaches and the road looks to be a difficult one for IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann as the duo of Ken Shamrock & Sami Callihan are on his back, with other challengers like Chris Bey and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose not far behind. We also now know that it was Larry D’s alter-ego Lawrence D that shot John E. Bravo and the duo of Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee may have made a deal with the devil in order to fend off the advances of Su Yung.

The show begins with a recap of Wrestler’s Court, and the deal made between Father James Mitchell and Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee. We move to last week’s main event where Rich Swann defeated Ken Shamrock and the post-match attack by Callihan & Shamrock on Swann and Eddie Edwards.

We return to our regular commentary duo of Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne.

Tag Team Match: Motor City Machine Guns vs. XXXL

Result: Motor City Machine Guns win via pinfall with a neckbreaker/top rope splash combo.

Thoughts: Machine Guns on the attack right away and dominate early. Madison Rayne thankfully brings up the fact that Larry D should be in jail as he shot Bravo but hey, this is pro wrestling. For some reason Sabin tries to do a bodyslam on the massive Romero allowing the momentum to shift if just for a few moments. Larry D gets in the ring and is able to take control, overpowering Alex Shelley. A few crucial missteps by XXXL give the Machine Guns the opportunity they need to take advantage and hit the neckbreaker and top rope splash combo on Larry D for the pinfall win.

Josh and Madison run down the card for the rest of the evening.

Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock approach the arena but are met by Scott D’Amore. Scott suspends Ken Shamrock for 30 days.

John E. Bravo gets into it with Larry D and has to be saved by Tommy Dreamer. XXXL tells Tommy he isn’t a real cop and can’t do anything. Larry D tells him he was set up so Tommy tells him to come downtown with him. Larry drops Tommy with a fist and XXXL takes off. Bravo comes back to check on Tommy and recreate the “NOOOOOO” scream.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Quarter-Finals: Renee Michelle & Killer Kelly vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz

Result: Jordynne Grace & Jazz win via pinfall when Jazz hits an X-Factor on Renee Michelle.

Thoughts: Lots of quick back and forth between Grace and Kelly to start the match. Jazz and Renee enter the ring together. Jazz dominates and tags in Grace as they double-team Renee. A referee distraction by Renee allows Killer Kelly to help get Grace down and reverse the momentum. Grace takes quite a beating before getting the hot tag on Jazz who takes out both of her opponents. Grace back in with some lariats before Killer Kelly catches her arms and lands a headbutt. Kelly gets a pin but Grace’s leg goes right onto the ropes. Grace Driver but Renee Michelle breaks up the pin. Grace tags in Jazz who throws  Kelly into the ropes allowing Renee to get a blind tag. Jazz reverses her attack and hits an X-Factor for the pinfall.

The IMPACT! Plus Flashback Moment Of The Week is Final Resolution 2010 for a Full Metal Mayhem match for the TNA Tag Team Championships between the Motor City Machine Guns and Generation Me (now known as The Young Bucks).

Ethan Page is backstage with Josh Alexander. Page talks to the camera about his loss last week to Swoggle and how everyone loves messing with him. He admits to being the one who took out Gallows and challenges Karl Anderson to a match at Final Resolution. As always, Ethan Page is an absolute delight to watch.

Alisha is backstage looking concerned when Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb (with a K!) approach and start talking. She takes off and attacks Sami Callihan before security tears them apart.

Singles Match: Johnny Swinger vs. Cody Deaner

Result: No Contest due to interference from Eric Young and Joe Doering.

Thoughts: Not much of a match, just an excuse to have some guys in the ring for Eric Young and Joe Doering to attack and lay them all to waste. Young once again cuts a promo saying they are the cure and the sickness is everywhere, and that this world belongs to them. Still not sure where this is going.

Backstage we see Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee talk to Father James Mitchell about him turning Su Yung into Susie. He advises them that he needs Su first, so they opt to go to the ring and tell him to be ready.

The Deaners discuss backstage about the attacks from Eric Young & Joe Doering. Cody talks about his history with Eric, how EY was his first riding partner and was family. He says next week he will prove to Young that he is not a nobody.

Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee come to the ring. Purrazzo says that Su Yung has been haunting them since Bound For Glory but it all ends up tonight. She says that Su Yung has a contractually-obligated rematch and calls her to the ring for it right now. Su Yung makes her entrance which is immediately followed by the entrance of Father James Mitchell. He tells Su that he did not want to do this but she has been a thorn in his side for too long and tonight she will pay for her sins. A cavalcade of Undead Bridesmaids come to the ring and surround Su Yung while Purrazzo & Lee look on. Purrazzo attacks Su and a distraction from Lee allows Purrazzo to block the mist with a choke and a Gotch piledriver. This leads to the bridesmaids carrying Su to the back.

Moose talks to Chris Bey backstage. Bey believes Moose wants to have his back, but Moose advises him that he is just a kid. He tells him real power is not given; it is taken. He tells Bey that if he were to win the IMPACT World Championship from Rich Swann, that he would be coming to take the title.

Gia Miller is backstage when Karl Anderson walks in. He tells Ethan Page that he is losing his mind. He goes on to accept the match at Final Resolution and tells him that he knows that Page has friends but so does he.

X-Division Championship Match – Crazzy Steve vs. Rohit Raju (C)

Result: Rohit Raju wins via pinfall by reversing a crucifix pin with the help of the ropes.

Thoughts: A surprisingly competitive match given how Steve is usually positioned, but great to see him getting a chance to tear it up. This is also the fiercest that Rohit has looked in the ring in quite some time which is also welcome. Steve locks in a great octopus-style submission late in the match but Rohit is able to get his feet to the ropes. Rohit reverses a crucifix-style pin into a cradle pin with the help of the ropes for the pinfall.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz are backstage discussing the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament and the wad of cash they stole when Fallah Bahh comes up and tells them he saw them steal the money on Twitter. They claim to not have the money but will get it to him next week. Johnny Swinger comes up and talks to them and they ask who’s uncle he is and drop a bunch of 80s references before walking off leaving Swinger wondering why there’s heat.

Crazzy Steve talks to TJP backstage when Brian Myers comes in and mocks them. TJP challenges him for a match and he accepts.

Josh and Madison run down next week’s show including Cody Deaner against Eric Young, Brian Myers facing TJP, Josh Alexander against Chris Sabin and the final Quarter Final match in the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament seeing Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee against Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie.

Singles Match – Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack

Result: Willie Mack wins via pinfall after a Stunner.

Thoughts: Some back and forth early as Bey tries to use his speed and finesse to counter Willie’s power level. Bey takes out the left knee of Willie Mack early and continues to work on it as the match progresses. It seems a little weird to have Willie Mack be the one in peril but it actually works as the two put together a really good match. It comes to a close when Bey slaps Willie in the face leading to him delivering the big elbow and then the Stunner for the win.

Following the match Moose appears out of nowhere and hits the Lights Out spear on Willie Mack. Rich Swann comes in and makes the save and knocks Moose to the outside but gets dropped with the Art of Finesse from Chris Bey and the show ends with Bey standing tall holding the IMPACT World Championship above his head.

A much better show than last week but still not quite up to the quality of what we were getting back before Bound for Glory, but we are on the right track.

Kyle’s Pick Of The Week

Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack


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