IMPACT! Wrestling Review And Results (07-21-2020)

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Witness the fallout from SLAMMIVERSARY 2020, which saw the reveal of many surprising debuts and returns, plus a new IMPACT World Champion was crowned. Could Jordynne Grace overcome Deonna Purrazzo in their Knockouts Championship showdown? Who emerged as No. 1 Contender in the Knockouts Gauntlet match? Could The North extend their record-breaking World Tag Team title reign over the unlikely pairing of Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock? Did Willie Mack retain his X-Division Championship against Chris Bey? Was Tommy Dreamer successful in dethroning Moose in their TNA World Heavyweight Championship match? Who answered the open challenge from The Rascalz? All these questions and more are answered this week on IMPACT!

The show begins with a taped promo from EC3 discussing controlling your own narrative and living in the moment, essentially giving notice to the entire Impact roster before we go to the open. Our commentary team is Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne.

X Division Championship Match – Chris Bey (C) vs. Willie Mack

A rematch from the match of the night on Saturday’s Slammiversary sees Chris Bey defending his newly won X Division Championship against the former champion Willie Mack.

Result: Chris Bey retains following a back and forth match filled with trash talk using a springboard cutter.

Thoughts: Certainly a letdown following their incredible match at Slammiversary, but the men did the best they could with the time given. Chris Bey continues to look great as he seemingly moves on from Willie Mack to headline the X Division.

Josh and Madison look back at the headlines coming out of Slammiversary with a focus on Eric Young’s brutal beatdown on Rich Swann following his elimination from the main event.

The Good Brothers come out to cut a promo, taking credit for Slammiversary trending Number One on Twitter on Saturday night, and promoting their upcoming “TalkN’Shop A-Mania” PPV on the Fite Network. The duo are interrupted by Ace Austin and Madman Fulton looking for an apology for the beatdown they received on Saturday, leading to a brawl with The Good Brothers standing tall.

We then see Heath trying to enter the building but not being on the list. He tries calling Rhino who is busy trading words with Hernandez.

Chris Bey is celebrating his successful title defense backstage but is interrupted by Rohit Raju who offers his congratulations and services in helping Bey in the future.

Tag Team Match – Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Result: Havok & Nevaeh win by disqualification after Steelz hit Havok in the back with a steel chair during a tombstone attempt.

Thoughts: A few sloppy spots including a poorly-timed distraction on a tag slightly hampered a pretty good match that never seemed to move into second gear. The ending spot with the chairshot to the back looked poor, but Havok redeemed it by not selling the light shot and finished the tombstone on Hogan.

The Impact! Plus flashback moment of the week shows Eddie Edwards winning his first Impact World Championship in the old six-sided ring from Lashley with the Boston Knee Party.

Backstage we see Sami Callihan confront Ken Shamrock and blame him for their loss at Slammiversary, and is surprised as Shamrock acknowledges it was his fault that they lost, before walking away.

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes cut a quick promo about Katie being able to show off again and how she can show off for the fans without having to see them.

Singles Match – Hernandez vs. Rhino

Result: Rhino wins with an immediate Gore.

Thoughts: Not much to this one seeing as it contained one move, but you always have to love the Gore.

Backstage The North cut a promo about being the best tag team in Impact history ahead of their main event match with the Motor City Machine Guns.

A brief promo seemingly signals the arrival of Brian Myers, the former Curt Hawkins.

A video package of all the winners from Slammiversary is shown leading into a backstage interview with the new Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazo that is interrupted by the Number One contender Kylie Rae. Deonna attemps an armbar before the two are separated.

Eddie Edwards comes to the ring to cut a promo about bringing stability and credibility to the Impact World Championship. He comments on the title not having been defended for several months and promises to be a fighting champion week in and week out. He is interrupted by the ‘World Class Maniac’ Eric Young. Eddie says Rich Swann is now in the hospital due to Young’s attack on Saturday, and Young advises Eddie that he is lucky that he targeted Swann and not him. Eventually enough is enough and Eddie delivers a suicide dive to Young and the two brawl.

We go backstage where Moose is asked if he will defend his title in the same way Edwards is promising to which he claims only people that are invited by him personally will be given a title shot. When asked if EC3 would be given a shot he claimed that EC3 is too busy trying to control his narrative and would not be given an invitation. He will however invite Fallah Bahh for an opportunity tonight.

Eddie Edwards is approached backstage by Trey asking for a title shot, which he agrees to for next week.

TNA Championship Match – Moose (C) vs. Fallah Bahh (with TJP)

Result: Moose retains with the Lights Out spear.

Thoughts: I appreciate that the storyline calls for Moose holding the TNA Championship to not be as legit as the other titles, but Josh Matthews constantly making the title feel like nothing seems like a bad call. That said both men put on a good hoss battle with each man getting some good moments before Moose put Fahh away with the Lights Out spear. Following the match EC3 attacked Moose with a reverse DDT.

Outside of the building The Good Brothers are leaving discussing if bars are still open as Ace Austin and Madman Fulton pull up in a car beside them to talk more trash. The Good Brothers are then attacked from behind by Reno Scum who they quickly dispatch as Austin and Fulton take off.

A pre-taped vignette shows Rosemary with John E. Bravo in a loft apartment trading horrible innuendo and are interrupted by Taya Valkyrie. A bunch of the Impact roster is then magically transformed into the loft, and Crazzy Steve sits down in front of a camera. Apparently this is all a promo for Wrestle House starting next week.

The Good Brothers will make their Impact debut against Reno Scum next week, and Eddie Edwards defending the Impact World Championship against Trey is made official as well.

Impact Tag Team Championship Match – The North (C) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Result: The Motor City Machine Guns become the new Impact Tag Team Champions when Sabin caught Ethan Page in a small package.

Thoughts: In a clash of arguably the greatest tag team of the TNA years and the best tag team in Impact today, this is a dream match for any tag team wrestling fan. A frantic hardhitting match between two incredible teams, The North were able to isolate Alex Shelley for a good chunk of the match with quick tags in and out, spotlighting both Ethan Page and Josh Alexander’s impressive tag team skills. Once Shelley hit the hot tag to Sabin the momentum seemed to move towards the Machine Guns despite a few seemingly mistimed spots. Following some fantastic double team sequences that even left Matthews unable to keep up with the action, Sabin rolled up Ethan Page to become the new Tag Team Champions. An absolutely phenomenal match following up on both teams great showings at Slammiversary.

Following the match we see someone exiting the building and the door being caught, with Heath sneaking into the building as we fade to black.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading as I embark upon these new weekly reviews of Impact Wrestling, as well as thank AXSTV, Impact Wrestling, FightBookMMA, and The Signature Spot for the opportunity. The format will change as I find out what works best, and feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @Mister_Gore. Be sure to come back next week for more Impact Wrestling!


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