IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road 2020 l Full Recap

The past few weeks of IMPACT have been building towards the upcoming Bound For Glory PPV, arguably the biggest show of the year for IMPACT Wrestling. But along the way, the company has decided to revive its special shows exclusively on the IMPACT! Plus app, with Victory Road being the first of these. Victory Road has a long history from its days as a full PPV for both IMPACT and their former name of TNA. Some of the best and worst moments in company history have occurred on the show, but with the company’s newfound vision and management as well as talent pool, Victory Road 2020 has looked to be a promising show despite the quick and underwhelming build. And now it is here, so let’s see where on the scale this year’s show will land!

The show begins with a recap of the events building up to the show, focusing on Eric Young defeating Eddie Edwards for the IMPACT World Championship and his brutal attack following the victory. Eddie’s return following Young’s attack on his wife, and his consequent injuries at both the hands of Young and Ken Shamrock and his unrelenting desire to win back the IMPACT World Championship.

Our commentary team is once again Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne.

Tag Team Match: The Rascalz vs. XXXL

Result: The Rascalz win via pinfall when Dez pins Larry D.

Thoughts: On paper a complete clash of styles with the high-flying fast-paced style of Dez and Wentz facing the clubbing heavyweight style of Acey and Larry D. A good solid opener to the show, with both teams giving a lot to one another, making everyone look good all around. In the end Larry D’s hubris and a miscommunication with Acey nailing him almost catches the team the match, but they are able to turn it around thanks to their power. Dez from out of nowhere and hits a Final Flash from the top to take the win in a solid tag match.

Josh and Madison run down the rest of tonight’s card and how some of the matches will have implications on Bound For Glory, specifically the matches for the IMPACT World and Knockouts Championship.

Singles Match: Brian Myers vs. Tommy Dreamer

Result: Brian Myers wins via pinfall following a running lariat.

Thoughts: Myers has been open about Tommy Dreamer being very instrumental in his early career, and now the story of the student being greater than the teacher once again brings this match to fruition. A hilarious moment early in the match with Myers chanting “You still got it” to an empty arena. Lots of trash talk from the ‘Most Professional Wrestler’ with a highlight being him asking Dreamer if he thinks he is Terry Funk. A lot of domination by Myers with Dreamer getting the occasional burst of offense, with commentary really pushing that Dreamer is on the downside of his career but his heart won’t ever quit. Dreamer hits a Sky-High late in the match and complains to the ref that it “worked for D’Lo for years” when he only gets a 2-count. Myers even drops a “sorry, I love you” throwback to Flair/Michaels before trying to put Dreamer away to no avail. Myers finally puts Dreamer away with a running clothesline and hooking both legs for the pin.

Backstage Moose is pounding on the IMPACT Management door calling for Scott D’Amore who walks up behind him. He complains that he cannot have a match tonight when he is more concerned about EC3

having his TNA World Heavyweight Championship. D’Amore tells him no one cares about the TNA Title or the funeral for the title this coming Tuesday on IMPACT.

The ‘Defeat Rohit’ Challenge

The X-Division Champion Rohit Raju comes to the ring and gets on the mic, once again reinstating that he will give anyone an opportunity for the X-Division Championship. The challenge is answered by ‘Chocolate Thunder’ Willie Mack!

X-Division Championship Match: Rohit Raju (C) vs. Willie Mack

Result: Willie Mack wins via countout.

Thoughts: Commentary really putting over how foolish it is for Rohit Raju to throw out an open challenge when it could be answered by a talent like Willie Mack, ensuring that Mack does not have a chance. Some great action from both guys as Rohit gets to show that he is more than just his character. That said, a lot of trash talking from the Desi Hitman who has honestly become one of my favorite characters in all of wrestling, let alone just IMPACT. Rohit controls a lot of the match, which seems counterintuitive to his booking as a chickenshit heel, but it still works and leads well into the hot comeback from the immense Willie Mack. Both men eventually collide heads, with Rohit being knocked out of the ring. Being the intellectual champion he is, Rohit stays on the outside and take the countout loss, retaining his X-Division Championship.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviews Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan. Sami takes over the interview and talks about their tag team run and how it was likely Shamrock’s fault that they fell short of winning the titles. He says this was due to Shamrock not having his killer edge and he is now guiding Ken to being the killer he can be. He claims the video of the attack had 45 BILLION RETWEETS and they are about getting eyes on the business. The two then blow off ‘Mean’ Gia Miller and drop the interview.

Kaleb with a K is in the ring to introduce the woman who will put the victory in victory road, Tenille Dashwood.

Knockouts Singles Match – Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

Result: Tenille Dashwood wins via pinfall after hitting the Spotlight Kick.

Thoughts: The big rubber match between the two that have been feuding and featured heavily since Tenille’s big return about a month ago. Odd moment early on with Tenille giving Jordynne a noogie while in a headlock. The two battle in and out of the ring, with Grace attempting a giant rush at Tenille who moves leaving Jordynne to smash directly into the ringside guard rail. Tenille takes full control on a wounded Grace while both she and Kaleb with a K talk trash and look at the phone and the video just taken of her beating down her opponent. Constant distractions from Kaleb (with a K ya know!) and the idea of getting selfies begins to take away from the action that the two women are putting together in the ring. The momentum picks up in the ring, with Jordynne landing some clubbing clotheslines to both the front and back of Tenille’s head. Tenille gets thrown into the ring post and we get a visual tapout from Tenille locked in the rear-naked choke but the referee is distracted by Kaleb (with a K!) which of course leads to Dashwood hitting the Spotlight Kick for the win. A good match hampered by the constant distraction and shenanigans on the outside.

Gia Miller is in the back with the IMPACT Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns. They discuss looking forward to the big four-team championship match at Bound For Glory and the fatal four-way match tonight featuring one man from each team.

Unsanctioned Tag Team Match – Reno Scum vs. Rhino & Heath

Result: Rhino & Heath win via pinfall when Heath hits the Wake Up Call on Adam Thornstowe.

Thoughts: This match is unsanctioned due to Heath not actually working for IMPACT. Josh Matthews mocks Heath on commentary, immediately turning heel in the eyes of anyone with common sense. It’s great to see the team of Rhino & Heath back in the ring together in a somewhat official capacity, and it only helps a team like Reno Scum, who are mostly unproven in the eyes of most fans. Early domination from Rhino but Scum is able to turn things their way once Heath enters the match. A complete beatdown leaving Heath senseless, constantly going to the wrong corner as they continue to decimate the currently unemployed man who has kids. Rhino finally gets the hot tag and goes on a tear until he and Luster The Legend nail each other with simultaneous big clotheslines. Heath tags himself back in and comes in hot but gets hung out to dry. Rhino gets back in and nails Luster with a Gore leaving Heath to nail the Wake Up Call on Thornstowe for the win.

As Heath & Rhino make their way backstage they are met by Scott D’Amore, who after some prodding tells Heath to come in on Tuesday for IMPACT and they will finally put together something as a contract for him! WE DID IT, WE GOT #HEATH4IMPACT!

Singles Match – Moose vs. Trey Miguel

Result: Trey Miguel wins via pinfall with a roll-up.

Thoughts: A clearly distracted Moose absolutely tears into Trey Miguel, screaming at him asking “where is EC3.” He then calls out EC3 watching telling him that Trey will get hurt because of him. The agility that Moose shows is unbelievable for a man his size. A great line as he tells EC3 that Trey’s family will have to start a GoFundMe when he is through with him. No matter what Moose does Trey continues to get up and attempt to fight back, sometimes to his own detriment. Moose goes for a ripcord clothesline but Trey hits a couple of superkicks and fights back until Moose catches him after a tope suicida on the outside. The EC3 symbol comes up on the screen distracting Moose long enough for Trey to roll him up for the win.

Following the match, Moose claims that EC3 is in the production truck and rushes outside to it. Once inside he gets locked in as the EC3 symbol appears on all of the screens and a loud noise is played. He finally gets outside where he finds the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the ground surrounded by candles. EC3 appears and takes out Moose, and tells him nothing lasts forever, and on Tuesday he will have the funeral for the title.

Fatal Four-Way Match – Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. Josh Alexander (w/ Ethan Page) vs. Karl Anderson (w/ The Big LG) vs. Alex Shelley (w/ Chris Sabin)

Result: Josh Alexander wins via pinfall on Alex Shelley.

Thoughts: Well, apparently Machine Gun Karl Anderson has his own solo music, while everyone else enters to their tag team’s entrance themes. The match is being contested one-on-one with two men on

the outside that can be tagged in. Shelley and Anderson start the match, in a battle of machine guns. The talent all swap accordingly so that the members of each team get a shot at one another. Ethan Page is absolutely bonkers on the outside and I legitimately want him on the outside of the ring and on my screen during every match until the end of time, he is that entertaining. At times the match ends up seeming more like a tag team match between Shelley and Anderson against Alexander and Austin but it never seems boring. The ref goes down leading to every single member of the teams on the outside getting into a skirmish on the inside and outside of the ring. Fulton presses Austin above his head and is going to throw him on top of everybody when the referee ejects every non-active member of the match. This is hugely unfair as it deprives us of Ethan Page. The match finally continues with all four men going at it, but in the end it is Josh Alexander who gets his hand raised after pinning one half of the tag team champions (a trope that needs to die a horrible death but somehow works in the context of this match). Plus, Ethan Page gets to come back out!

Backstage Tommy Dreamer approaches Brian Myers and tells him he is everything he knew he could be and thanks to him for the match. Tommy puts out his hand in respect. Brian tells him that he is not the same man that Tommy hired and brought up back in the day, telling him he is better than he ever was. He says he wanted the Innovator of Violence and instead got some tired old man. He goes to walk away but Tommy grabs him and tells him that maybe on Tuesday night he will see the Innovator of Violence after all.

Knockouts Championship Match – Susie (w/ Kyle Rae) vs. Deonna Purrazzo (C) (w/Kimber Lee)

Result: Deonna Purrazzo wins via submission with the Venus De Milo.

Thoughts: The build to this match has been whether the demonic Su Yung will come through in Susie, all while enhancing the build to the Knockouts Championship match at Bound For Glory in a few weeks. A lot of back and forth with Deonna focusing on picking apart Susie’s arms. The Knockouts Champion seems to have an answer for everything Susie does. Lee gets involved with distractions helping the Champion stay in control. Susie slowly ends up in control with more and more signs of Su Yung and hits a big crossbody from the top for the win. Kimber Lee gets on the apron distracting the referee until Kylie Rae drops her down. More signs of Su Yung as Purrazzo keeps trying to lock in the submission while Susie keeps fighting off. Purrazzo finally is able to lock in the Venus De Milo (double fujiwara armbar) for the submission victory.

Following the match Kimber Lee and Purrazzo attack Kylie Rae, beating her down in the ring. Purrazzo gets a chair and Pillmanizes Susie’s arm while Lee holds Kylie and makes her watch. She then locks in the armbar on her other arm, and they leave with both Susie and Kylie down in the ring. If this doesn’t come back around with Su Yung returning and hunting down Purrazzo’s arm I’ll be shocked as all hell.

Josh and Madison run down the card for Bound For Glory as it stands currently, then how the card is shaping up for this coming Tuesday’s IMPACT, including Ace Austin & Madman Fulton facing the Motor City Machine Guns, Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz facing Rosemary & Taya, a rematch for Dreamer/Myers and the continuation of the Defeat Rohit Challenge!

IMPACT World Championship Match – Eddie Edwards vs. Eric Young (C)

Result: Eric Young wins via submission with an ankle lock.

Thoughts: A severe beatdown from Edwards on Young right away. Young gets busted open below his left eye early on, looking to be hard way. Young lands a disgusting looking neckbreaker on the middle turnbuckle steel that connects them to the ring post. Young takes control in the ring, working Edwards over with submissions in the middle of the ring. The match continues to go back and forth, with Edwards hitting the backpack stunner out of the corner of the ring. Nobody able to take full control in the match, with each man countering any big moves the other has planned. Young looks to finally take solid control locking up Edwards in the tree of woe and attacking the heavily taped ankle of Edwards. Young hits several attacks to Edwards knee and ankle, dropping them on the ring apron and the steels steps. He then wraps his leg up in the guardrail outside and delivers several kicks both his leg and the rail. Edwards keeps fighting and taunting EY but is unable to move well and barely able to stand. Slight offense from Edwards as they go back and forth with forearms and chops. Commentary really pushing hard on if Edwards will be able to deliver the Boston Knee Party in his current state. A very odd-looking Blue Thunder Bomb with EY landing on his gut instead of his back. They go for it again which indicates something went wrong. Edwards goes for the Tiger Driver but Young reverses it into a TKO. Eddie hits a superkick and goes for the Boston Knee Party but EY drops down to avoid it and hits a wheelbarrow into a neckbreaker but only gets a 2-count. Young nails a beautiful elbow drop from the top but still gets another 2-count. Young goes to finish him with a piledriver but Edwards flips him and once again goes for the Tiger Driver and hits it beautifully. A huge Blue Thunder Bomb off the top and it still can’t finish it. Young locks in a vicious ankle lock, but we get shades of Eddie Guerrero/Kurt Angle as the shoe comes off, leading to a Boston Knee Party. Young gets his foot on the rope, and this leads to a piledriver with Young locking in the bad ankle as he drops. He locks in the Ankle Lock and Edwards has absolutely no choice but to tap out. A fantastic match with the last few minutes being some of the best wrestling I’ve seen in 2020 as emotion and intelligence lives through.

Eric Young goes to get a steel chair and continues the beating but is stopped by Rich Swann. The show ends with Rich Swann and Eric Young yelling at one another as Swann holds up the IMPACT World Championship.

A fantastic night of wrestling which sets the final stage for the upcoming Bound For Glory event, which promises to be even bigger and better.

Kyle’s Pick Of The Night:

I was so damned tempted to go with the four-way match building to the tag team championship match at Bound For Glory, but then those final few minutes of the main event hit and was done beautifully. It showed how you can perfectly build emotion as well as intelligence into the story of your match and Edwards and Young did it wonderfully.

IMPACT World Championship Match – Eddie Edwards vs. Eric Young (C)


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