Interesting MMA Facts You Should Know

The last few years have seen a huge hype and popularity around the notorious MMA sport. But there’s more to mixed martial arts that meets the eye. While some think they know the sport well, it’s not all about what happens in the ring.

MMA Has Been Around For Many Years

Since the beginning of time, or the beginning of MMA history, before it was ever referred to as MMA the sport was performed in Ancient Greece and called Pankration. Introduced during one the first ever Olympic games, this form of MMA surprisingly didn’t involve gloves.

The Octagon

The eight-sided cage, a staple and iconic image in MMA fighting, is trademarked by the UFC. But is it actually inspired by Chuck Norris? “It would appear so, well what isn’t inspired by the infamous star that is Chuck Norris? The 1980 ninja film would seem like the inspiration behind the fighting arena. The cult hit film has inspired many things and the famous MMA ring,” writes Charles S. Jones, sports blogger at Writinity and Lastminutewriting. Now the cage is trademarked by the UFC after being introduced in the early 90s.

The UFC Belt Is Made Of Gold

The iconic belt that everyone knows is made of real gold. This may sound fake, but the belt is in fact gold plated, at least. “That’s 12 pounds of gold to be exact. With the value of the belt being close to $333,000. If you want to get your hands on the coveted prize you’ll have to train and fight, if you’re not bothered with that you can always buy a cheaper version and spend a shorter cost of $1000,” writes Michael B. Sebring, a journalist at Draftbeyond and Researchpapersuk. A small price to pay for great bragging rights and ultimate respect.

Go For The Teeth

Most hardcore MMA fans and followers will already know the first fight in UFC history was fought between Gerard Gordeau and Telia Tuli. What some people forget is Tuli’s teeth being knocked out to the crowd after a 30 second round. Two of Tuli’s teeth actually became stuck in Goudeau’s foot when he kicked him, ouch! To avoid any further injury to his foot, doctors decided to leave the teeth in and Gordeau fought in two mote fights before losing to Royce Gracie at the final.

Theodore Roosevelt: MMA Fighter?

Apart from running an entire country as the 26th president of America, Roosevelt enjoyed the occasional boxing and punching when he wasn’t running the first world war. He practised judo sport and was the first American to earn a brown belt. While he didn’t ever compete in an MMA competition, he could have with the amount of training he took part in.

Dana White – Boxercise?

Before becoming the President of the UFC White apparently instructed boxercise classes. In fact, he’s never fought in a pro-boxing fight. Imagine it now, Dana White leading a group of ladies in spandex, jumping around and punching the air. While not being a pro White has still taught and fought as an amateur boxer.

Defining Mixed Martial Arts

It’s simple, no biting or eye gouging. Well that’s what the Greeks implemented when they started pankration. Apart from being in the Olympics, the sport was featured during combat.

The Triangle Master

Way before Sassangle and McKenzietine there was the true triangle strangler. The strangler, or Joe Pearson won 22 of his 39 fights through this strangling movement. That’s an impressive thing to be remembered for.

The Louisiana Purchase

In 2001, Zuffa purchased the UFC for $2 million from Semaphore Entertainment Group. An interesting fact to exemplify how popular and far the sport has come since its development in the early 90s and Ancient Greece.

MMA is a fascinating sport with a load of hidden facts and secrets and is only set to increase in popularity. With this information I mind there’s only more to discover so why don’t you follow the sport today.

Ashley Halsey is a professional writer, mother of two. She is featured at Assignment help and and has been featured in many projects throughout the country and is currently attending a business training course. Ashley enjoys, travelling, reading and meeting new people.


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