Iowa MMA Photographer Booked on Felony Controlled Substance Charges and Tax Stamp Violations

Lacey Navin 33 an MMA photographer was arrested at her Your CBD Store in the Des Moines, Iowa area for selling what police have reported as illegal marijuana CBD product in several forms such as lotions, drops, and edibles. Police say Navin owned 3 separate Your CBD Stores in the area, and are specifically calling this product a marijuana CBD, not a hemp CBD product. Police say if you don’t have a state-issued medical card, and you are not getting it from one of the 5 licensed dispensaries here in Iowa, then it’s illegal and you are subject to charges. Police received a complaint, so Mid Iowa Narcotics Task Force investigated. Although they said the stores’ appeared to be legitimate businesses, went in, after making a purchase, arrested Navin. They went on to add that even though it looks like a legitimate business, “it’s black and white in the Iowa Codebook”. 

Recently, Navin has even been featured in her own Your CBD Store commercials on television. She wasn’t trying to hide her products. Navin is most known for being an MMA and Kickboxing photographer at local events and owns Lacey Navin & Co. Photography. Navin’s other 2 CBD stores today had the lights off and were closed for business. Some comments on Lavins Facebook page by others are calling this entrapment, others accusing the governor of being light on other worse crimes, but tough on CBD/marijuana in Iowa. The nonprofit Patients for Medical Marijuana Facebook page posted a comical meme to Navins Facebook page of Governor Reynolds. While others are saying the law is the law and Navin should have known better, most of the comments are in outrage, with others implying Navin had all her permits in place, although it appears a permit, is not equivalent to the state-required license required. MedPharm is one of the areas licensed CBD stores where people can legally purchase these CBD products, if they have an endorsement from their doctor, for a very restricted amount of conditions.

In my opinion, the Governor hasn’t even been close to legitimate herself on, expansion of the medical marijuana law, or even the medical conditions for which THC or CBD can treat, for that matter. I find the Governors continued stubbornness and refusal to expand the medical marijuana law completely inappropriate when I consider things like opiates or alcohol to be a much, much more dangerous product that is sold legally every single day in Iowa.

My attempts to get a comment from Police or Navin have been unsuccessful at this time. Stay tuned for updates on this story.


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