Former WWE and IMPACT star Ethan Carter III has welcomed the idea of potentially joining All Elite Wrestling at some point in the future.

Speaking on the latest episode of the ROHStrong podcast, EC3 revealed that if the offer came then he would certainly be open to listening, which will excite users from top online casinos.

“I would never say never because if I see TNT driving that truck up and backing it up to my humble abode, I would think about it” EC3 began.

“But I think to how far I’ve come and what I’ve put in on this level before it has even become what it’s (Free The Nattarative) supposed to be” the former IMPACT Champion added. “And there are things in the works for this that I am kind of shocked have taken place” EC3 concluded.

After arriving at WWE developmental early in his career, it took a move to TNA/IMPACT Wrestling to really find who Ethan Carter III was. After raising his value exponentially, EC3 would head to WWE and made an instant impact in NXT.

Many thought he was destined for success on the main roster but, for whatever reason, it didn’t pan out as expected.

The 38-year-old would be released from the company in 2020 due to budget cuts with a host of other names and signed with Ring of Honor, a company famous for nurturing names like Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Adam Cole, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and many more.

“It’s something different. I could have rested on laurels and taken the ‘top 1 percent’ to literally every other company and done the exact same thing,” he said of his move. “But, in my reality, ‘top 1 percent’ was destroyed by my decision to go back to the WWE. Decisions have consequences and if I decided to show up like nothing happened, same brash, rich, arrogant person, there’s no reality to that.

“I was living my reality through this character, so it’s very easy to make changes and do something different with Ring of Honor”.

On his relationship with Vince McMahon in WWE, he said “He’s indifferent. I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t do enough to treat him like the idol he desires to be treated as.

“Perhaps I made the wrong move or the wrong mistake or I didn’t speak my truth when necessary or maybe I didn’t stand up for myself? Perhaps I got caught in the middle of someone else’s business and felt the punishment of that. A lot of things were to it, but, ya know, he’s the be-all and end-all.

“The buck stops with him in that company and if he didn’t see it, that’s OK, because so many others do and I’ll be just fine creating myself, controlling my own narrative and being who I’m supposed to be.”

On January 26, EC3 filed to trademark “Control Your Narrative” for the categories of nutritional supplements; Dietary and nutritional supplements. He also filed the trademark for merchandise purposes, entertainment services, and educational purposes. Many could still be done, as reported by experts from Australian online pokies.

Control Your Narrative is not only his catchphrase but it has led to a unique series of events and even a stable in Ring of Honor. Most recently, Adam Scherr, the form of Braun Strowman debuted as part of that faction at Ring of Honor Final Battle 2021.


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