Has Bisping retired?

Well you listen the latest episode of his podcast Believe You Me Podcast then we are lead to belive that “The Count” has hung up his gloves.

Bisping who has been called out by more or less all the fighters on the roster, sat down with comedian Luis J. Gomez. One of the topics was is Michael finished or not.

Bisping says he has no intention of fighting again unless some sort of blockbuster deal comes across his table that he just can’t refuse.

But why hasn’t he made this news official with the UFC ? Well under the new guidelines set out by USADA & the UFC’s anti-doping police. Bisping would be required to undergo six months of drug testing from USADA. Tho in some circumstance this can be waved.

“I’m retired unless such a good offer comes through, I’m retired, I am. I just haven’t made it official”

“I have no intention of fighting, let’s be honest. I’m retired. I haven’t made it official yet but I’m probably retired. Now of course when I say probably, that still gives me a window to come back but I’m probably retired.”

“First of all, if I say I’m retired to the UFC, I come out of the USADA testing pool and then if I want to fight again, I have to go six months of testing I believe,” Bisping stated. “So if I retire and un-retire, I’ve got to do six months of testing prior to being able to fight again. So obviously there’s that. There’s that little hurdle there. I guess in the mean time all I’m doing is wasting USADA’s money because they’re showing up trying to test me when I’ve got no intention of fighting.

“Another thing, if I’m going to retire, I want to try to make a bit of a bang about it. I’ve just signed the deal to do a documentary with a Canadian production company called the Imagination Park and if I’m going to retire, I’ll go be a guest fighter or something like that and do it with a bang. Do it like that as opposed to just tweeting to Luke Rockhold at 4 in the morning, pissed out of me head.”

I do think that Bisping will be looking for a big send off from the company, as a man who has fought some of the best in the game, he will go down as one of the best to enter the octagon full stop not just one of the best from the UK.

If this is the end of a “Hall of Fame” career for Micheal, we have been blessed with some amazing fights. Weather he wins or not Micheal always comes to bang & we were always guaranteed a fireworks of some kind.

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