JAB CROSS HOOK Combat Card Game is making KO moves with game reviewers and retailers wanting to stock their shelves with the new crazed game that was invented by entrepreneur Garry Bell in lockdown of 2020.

Check out the feedback for JAB CROSS HOOK the only game of it’s kind in the world:

Man, oh man has it been a weird mini games night! Two new card games to us, both great fun but polar opposites in both theme and mechanics!
🥊 JAB-CROSS-HOOK , sent to us for review, is a head to head battler.
🥊 You compete for KO cards by outwitting your opponent and playing the right response.
🥊 Much like its name suggests, it’s a superbly punchy little game that had us shadow boxing as we took KO cards. By Northern Dice

These games together made for a beautiful rollercoaster of card play, but it worked out wonderfully and made for an excellent amount of fun.

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Garry Bell states: “I’m honestly blown away with the feedback I have received from games reviewers and people buying the game. I’ve had really good interest from retailers wanting to stock the jab Cross Hook Game and ready to place orders www.jabcrosshook.co.uk.”

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Jab Cross Hook is an excellent tit for tat straightforward card game. At its core it relies on the simplicity of Rock Paper Scissors, but it offers much more.

Claim 3 KO cards to win the round. Win 3 rounds to win the fight. Jab might beat Cross, Hook might bear Jab…..but what about the dreaded Counter Punch which will beat any of them and also if you win by Counter Punch you steal a KO card from your opponents hand thus stealing defeat from the jaws of victory! There is also a one use Total Knockout card, but as you only get to use it once you must use it wisely. Run out of your 7 card hand and you are “on the ropes” and must depend on the randomness of single draws from the top of your remaining deck.
This really is a brilliant little 2 player game. Simple enough for ages 7+ but engaging enough that it will be played multiple times.

The artwork is really lovely, with each “punch” card having a different character on it based on real world fighters. I particularly like the fact that one of my favorite all time kickboxers Ernesto Hoost shows up!
Me and the kid love this game, and I must say I am really looking forward to more from its creator Garry Bell. I know that this game can be easily expanded upon. It’s his first foray into the world of games as he comes from a combat sport background. Go and show him some nerd love and support. By Rolling 1st Game Reviews


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