JacksonWink Fight Night 3 official results, recap and photographs

Albuquerque, NM– JacksonWink: Fight Night 3 took place on Saturday June 2, 2018 at the Isleta Resort & Casino in the Showroom. The event was hosted by Fresquez Productions, Inc. and FightBookMMA attended the event. Below you can find the official results, recap and post fight photographs.

This event had 4 amateur fights and 6 professional fights. Fresquez Productions, Inc held an event for all the fight fans here in Albuquerque, NM and its surrounding areas. This fight card was stacked with warriors and they came to put on a show.

To start the night were the amateur fighters. The first bout was Kayla “Danger” Yontef taking on Teresa Marquez. Kayla didn’t waste any time as she was able to take down Teresa to get top control. Kayla started dropping elbows and punches and Teresa was doing very well in covering up trying to not take any damage. Kayla persistent with her elbows and connected until the ref saw enough. Kayla defeated Teresa in the first round via TKO at the 1:23 mark.

Next up we saw Randy Baker go against Julian Chavez. If you missed this fight you missed out on an all our war. Both fighters came in ready to showcase their skills. In all 3 rounds was nothing but a back and forth fight. In round 1 they started off feeling out each other to get that perfect range. Julian did connect with a perfect straight right and Randy answered back with a perfect body kick. This was Randy’s round as he took control not letting Julian take him down and avoided his punches and kicks. The start of the second round both fighters wasted no time and started kicking each other until Randy connects with a punch that drops Julian, Randy tries to get top position but Julian was able to recover quickly and they ended up on their feet. Julian started finding a home for those jabs late in the round and the kicks of Randy was there also. In the final round, both fighters looked tired but they kept on pushing forward picking their shots not to waste whats left in the gas tank. The jab of Julian’s was there again for him but at one point Randy was able to make Julian bleed more from his nose after Randy started dropping elbows and punches while Julian had his back against the cage. That didn’t faze Julian one bit and he kept on moving forward once they both heard the 10 sec mark both fighters ended the fight with a bang. This fight for sure should be “Fight of the Night.” All judges saw this fight the same as Randy defeated Julian by unanimous decision.

The next fight was Aaron Taylor taking on Tabari Grubbs. This fight started off quick as Tabari takes Aaron to against the cage and started his clinch work. He’s able to take Aaron down and had full mount trying to sink in a guillotine but Tabari was able to defend it. They scrambled and both fighters ended up on their feet until the bell rang. During the last two rounds Aaron was relentless taking down Tabari looking for that guillotine choke but Tabari was again able to defend that choke but in between rounds Aaron stated that he was hit in the back of the head, Doctors and commission checked on him and gave him time to recover. Third round starts and Tabari was able to take Aaron down, the entire round we saw both fighters scrambling for position to sink in a submission until the bell rang. All judges saw the fight the same with Aaron winning the fight via unanimous decision.

Next up was Austin Lewis taking on Ambrose Vigil. The round started quick as they both connected with punches and kicks. During the round Ambrose took Austin down they started scrambling for position until they both ended up on their feet. The start of the second round was nothing different as both fighters trade blows and keeping the distance not to end up in a clinch. Austin with great cage control stalking Ambrose until Vigil was able to take down Austin and ended up on Lewis guard and both fighters stayed busy until the bell rang. Round three was nothing different as both fighters were looking for that finish. Both fighters knew that they needed this round to win and left it all in the cage. This fight could have gone to any of these two warriors but at the end Ambrose won this fight via split decision.

To start the pro card was Gene Perez as he went against Pengshuai Liu. It took Pengshuai two minutes to finish this fight. As soon as the bell rang Pengshuai was able to take down Gene after a flurry of punches and kicks and ends up on side control. Gene was doing very well defending Pengshuai’s submission attempts as he started to scramble to get back on his feet. Pengshuai was just to fast and crafty and was able to sink in the guillotine until Gene tapped. Pengshuai defeats Gene via tap out in Round 1 at the 2:15 mark.

Next up was Blake Smith taking on Chris Brown. The round starts and they started feeling each other out looking for their range. After a couple of exchanges, Chris was able to bring Blake against the cage and started his clinch work. Chris was able to use his wrestling to take Blake down. Chris started working his ground and pound but Blake was able to defend himself not taking too much damage. They end up on their feet but Chris was able to clinch again working those knees against Blake’s thighs until the bell rang. The start of the second round Blake connected his kicks to Chris’s body until Chris timed it perfect to take Blake down again. He worked on his ground game and again Blake able to protect himself, Chris was able to control the entire fight switching from full to side mount. The third and final round you can tell Chris and Blake were tired as both picked their shots. They were able to connect with hard kicks and punches and ended up in a clinch, Chris was able to take Blake’s back against the cage. Chris used his knees again to where one found Blake’s head that dropped him to one knee and Chris took advantage to take him down to the mat. The rest of the round Chris took control on full mount as he looked for a submission and working his ground and pound. Blake was able to protect himself and was scrambling to either not get hit or trying to get back on his feet until the bell rang. What a fight, Chris was able to defeat Blake via unanimous decision. We talked to Chris and asked him if he has another fight scheduled and he stated that he will be fighting June 29th in Arizona.

The next fight we saw Ricky Esquibel take on Chris Cortez. To start the first round Ricky made quick work taking Chris down looking for that guillotine but Chris was able to pick up Ricky while having him on his back and Ricky lets go and end up on their feet. Ricky was able to take Chris down again but Chris with a smooth transition to get on Ricky’s back. Ricky with a slick escape was able to get on Chris’s guard and worked his ground and pound. The second round started and Chris takes Ricky down after a hard clinch. During the second round, Ricky suffered a cut under his left eye but that didn’t bother Ricky one bit. They started to scramble during the round looking for top position. The final round was a kickboxing match as both fighters found a home for their kicks and punches. This round was a back and forth fight both looking to end it but the bell rang. Chris was able to win this fight via split decision.

Next up we saw Celine Haga go against Hannah Cifers. The first round started off with both fighters looking for their range as Celine connected with her jabs/punches until Hannah connects with a beautiful right hook that dropped Celine and Hannah was able to get full mount and started dropping elbows cutting Celine. Hannah continued with her ground and pound until the ref stopped the fight. Hannah defeats Celine via TKO in round one at the 1:16 mark.

In the co-main event Steve Garcia took on Aalon Cruz. Round one starts and Steve made quick work in taking Aalon down to end up on top control. But that didn’t last long as they both ended up on their feet. Aalon and Steve started connecting with their punches until Aalon was able to connect with a hard punch that dropped Steve to the mat. Aalon connects again with a left hook before he mounts him and sinks in a guillotine choke until Steve taps. Aalon defeats Steve via guillotine choke in round one a the 1:47 mark.

The main event was a long overdue rematch between Josh Montoya and Able Cullum. They both met back in 2005 at KOTC: Honor and Abel lost against Josh via submission choke in the first round. Well the tables have turned, the first round started and both fighters clinched against the cage and Josh was able to take down Cullum to the mat. Josh was looking to get into position to either sink in a submission or start his ground and pound. Cullum took advantage of the situation as he looked like he was going to stand up and that’s when he saw Josh look up and Cullum was able to grab his neck and sink in the guillotine choke until Montoya tapped. Able defeated Josh via submission choke in the first round at the 2:07 mark. We talked to Able after the event and asked him if he has a another fight set in the near future. Able stated that his coach has something lined up for him but he said he will let us know more on when and where his next fight will take place.

JacksonWink: Fight Night 3 Official Results:

Pro Fight Card:

Abel Cullum def. Joshua Montoya via submission guillotine choke in Round 1, 2:07

Alaon Cruz def. Steve Garcia via submission rear naked choke in Round 1, 1:47

Hannah Cifers def. Celine Haga via TKO GNP & Elbows in Round 1, 1:16

Chris Cortez def. Ricky Esquibel via (28-29, 29-28, 29-28) split decision

Chris Brown def. Blake Smith via (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) unanimous decision

Pengshuai Lui def. Gene Perez via submission guillotine choke in Round 1, 2:15

Amateur Fight Card:

Ambrose Vigil def. Austin Lewis via (28-29, 30-27, 29-28) split decision

Aaron Taylor def. Tabari Grubbs by (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) unanimous decision

Randy Baker def. Julian Chavez via (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) unanimous decision

Kayla Yontef def. Tresa A. Marquez via TKO punches in Round 1, 1:23

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