James Pleasant sat down with FightBookMMA ahead of his fight at SWB8

Las Cruces, New Mexico – American Fight League will host Southwest Brawl 8 at the Las Cruces Convention Center on Saturday, June 30 at 6 p.m. for local mixed martial arts (MMA) fans.

The AFL has a new operation called, “Fight for a Cause,” and they will continue to work with Team Mia to help support the Ojeda family as their daughter Mia Ojeda continues her battle with cancer. AFL has also partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region for the event. To read more about this cause you can go here.

James Pleasant who is top ranked in the New Mexico Amateur Welterweights will be taking on Richard Jennings. But before he steps in the cage June 30th he sat down with FightBookMMA.

James thank you for taking the time to talk to me out of your hectic schedule.

Lets get to know you for a bit, can you tell your fans and everyone else a little bit about yourself?

Hey everyone! My name is James Avery Pleasant II, I am currently 23 years and the middle child of 2 brothers (Chris & Cameron). I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas and graduated from Franklin High School where I did wrestling and orchestra (Bass player) all four years. I currently attend NMSU as an Electrical Engineer student and lord willing will be graduating this coming semester in December.

Out of all the sports you can pick why MMA?

Out of all the sports I chose MMA because it’s a competitive sport and I’ve always been interested in martial arts, even at a young age watching karate movies and anime. I was first introduced to MMA by my training partner, Randy Ramos, back in 2013 while we were still in high school. Randy had connections with some people that trained in a garage, as weird as it sounds lol, we checked it out and I fell in love ever since.

What would you be doing if fighting was something you couldn’t do?

If I couldn’t do MMA I would probably teach or coach. I love the sport way too much to just walk away.

You lost your last fight at Southwest Brawl 7, and now your back to fight at Southwest Brawl 8, how’s training so far and what can we expect with this fight from the last one?

Training has been good so far and fairly consistent. I’ll definitely be more prepared for this event since I’m actually aware that I’ll be fighting. Not that I wasn’t training for the last fight but obviously the training camp is going to be a little different when you have 2 months to prepare versus less than a week.

Anything you would like to tell your opponent before you face him in the cage?

Lets put on a great show!

After this fight, you have any other fights coming up?

I would hope so… I would like to compete about every 2 months.

How do you feel about your accomplishments so far in MMA and in life?

So far my MMA accomplishments have been fairly good but nothing to really brag about.

After this fight, are you planning on continuing fighting in the local scene as an amatuer or are you planning on turning Pro anytime soon?

It all depends on how well I do at this fight and if my coaches think I’m ready. Don’t want to rush my career.

Any other goals you want to accomplish this year?

Would love to win the belt and become a champion

James its been a pleasure talking to you, lets catch up after your fight at Southwest Brawl 8.

Are there any sponsors or anyone you want to give a shout out the floor is yours?

Yes, huge thanks and shout out to Trippy , Garage Grind, and Gracie Barra West El Paso.

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