Jared Brown Eyes 4th Straight Win In XFC Debut On Saturday: “I Rise To The Occasion”

Jared “Bad News” Brown is off to an excellent start in his MMA journey.

Undefeated through his first three amateur bouts, the 24-year-old Oklahoma featherweight returns to action Saturday for the biggest fight of his life at YoungGuns 1 at FireLake Arena in Shawnee, OK.

On the eve of his weekend Hexagon showdown with Michigan’s Jesse Robertson, Brown is quick to deflect praise on his early success in the cage.

“I’m blessed to have a coach and a trainer (LaDell Elliott) who really focuses on me and really makes sure that I’m prepared for my fights,” he says. “We really took our time before taking that first fight, and everything you’re seeing is a product of his persistence to make me patient as a fighter.”

Because of Brown’s professional approach, he’s not nervous at all heading into his XFC debut, even though there will be a small army of supporters there for him at FireLake Arena.

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“This is a huge opportunity, and I rise to the occasion,” he says with a smile. “The bigger the platform, the better I perform. I’m super excited to compete for XFC.”

What’s the most likely outcome for Saturday’s battle, according to “Bad News”?

“I’m probably going to knock him out. I don’t think he has any interest in being on the ground with me,” he offers. “Everybody always says they want to stand up and bang with me, but they quickly change their mind when they feel my power.

“You’ll see him shut down as soon as I touch him.”


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