Jarrah Al-Silawi breaks two records with dominant win at BRAVE CF 43

Seef District, Bahrain – BRAVE CF Welterweight world champion Jarrah Al-Silawi had a successful debut at Middleweight for the organization, as he beat Melvin van Suijdam by unanimous decision at BRAVE CF 43, the last of the Kombat Kingdom events, and positioned himself well for a shot at double-champ status down the road. However, the win was even more sweeter for ‘’The Jordanian Lion’’ as he was able to put his name in the history books of the fastest-growing MMA organization in the world.

Before BRAVE CF 43, other two star athletes from the promotion had caught up with Al-Silawi regarding the number of wins inside the BRAVE CF arena. Ikram Aliskerov and Hamza Kooheji won their bouts at the other two Kombat Kingdom events and reached Jarrah at seven wins for BRAVE CF.

However, the dominant victory over a tough van Suijdam meant Al-Silawi isolated himself at the top of the record table once again with eight wins for BRAVE CF. He’s the only athlete to reach that number so far.

Aside from that, Jarrah was also able to break another record, which belonged to Philippines’ own Jeremy Pacatiw. ‘’The Juggernaut’’ has the record for most BRAVE CF bouts at 10, but also the total cage time record, set at 118m09s.

Since van Suijdam was able to resist the tough kicks and body punches of Jarrah throughout their contest, their bout went to a decision, which means the champ added 15 minutes of cage time, going up to 125 minutes and 27 seconds and leaving Pacatiw behind. In favor of Jarrah is the fact that he fought in title bouts twice, with 25 minutes instead of the usual 15 minutes in place.

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Regardless of these records, it seems as if Al-Silawi is intent on making history with BRAVE CF in another way as well, by becoming the first-ever two-division champ in the promotion’s history. 


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